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Character and frisk in a nutshell. Give me your body so we can destroy humanity or in this case ponmanity.
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This hit me hard. I don't relate to Alice, but...Dark sides are a messy thing.
If you didn't bottle it up and just let it be even a little bit, this wouldn't have happened.
"If you had accepted yourself" or "if you had simply accepted yourself" would sound more natural than "if you would have accepted yourself." And instead of "I exist just because of you," I'd recommend "I exist purely because of you," "I exist because of you," "I only exist because of you," or even "You are the reason I exist." And in the first panel, I think it should be "Whoever followed us must have been following us the whole time," though I can't entirely guarantee that's the tense you wanted without reading your mind.

Are you really angry enough, Alice, that you would rather die than help Penny?
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"This all wouldn't have happened--" --> "None of this would have happened--"
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Well how I imagine twin rivalries in two different places
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Her hair bobble is so big it's telling me to go to the centre if the galaxy.
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i hate that the grumpy pony thing is in this comic
why is she in here? she came out of nowhere and wasn't needed for the plot
and when she chews someone out, they always deserve it, a classic sue trait
the comic was fine without her. if she was here since the beginning, it wouldn't have been so bad. it just feels like you threw her in there as an afterthought, one that makes the overal story worse
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Getting a Persona vibe here.
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She could have just said " Join the dark side " lol random star wars emoticon 
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*play Dark vador Music* Go Yoda 
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Discord needs a clue from Alice's bedroom? Can't he track unicorn magic?

Thia internal struggle between Alice and Penumbra might be best if whispered! I'd hate it if the henchponies heard this!
Props to Alice for standing up to her dark side (I hate that Hirudo feasted on Alice's fear of her 'non C.M.' status);
now - - can the two find a way to 'cross their new divide'? 
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More grammar corrections:

"I just won't let you to make me go insane once again!" ---> "I just don't want you to make me go insane again!"

"This wouldn't have happened if you would have accepted your anger in the first place!" ---> "This wouldn't have happened if you had accepted your anger in the first place!"

"I exist just because of you!" ---> "I exist because of you!"
Wait, hold on. Run dat back! XD Since when did Alice have anger issues? Hehehe. Shawty grew some ovaries, I see....
O_o..... she's not losing hair though. XD
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your comment
Oh.... should I call St. Jude?
PinkieTane's avatar
yes bc i'm going to die
Ok.... can ah have your ovaries if things go south?.....(',O_o,')
PinkieTane's avatar
what the hell is actually wrong with you
are you an alien? is that why you're like this? you just don't know how humans interact?

"shawty grew some ovaries"

do you understand how much there is wrong with 'sentence' alone?

Called a pony 'shawty', an inherently provocative term referring to a young women's attractiveness
why did you have to call a pony shawty

thinking ovaries work like balls and can be synonyms 
If someone hasn't grown ovaries yet, then they are literally not even a fetus yet
they haven't even been born yet 

Do you realize why males grow balls while females don't need to grow ovaries?
Because every fetus starts off female and depending on the chromosomes, have the potential to develop male attributes that are not completely developed yet
You know, why all humans have nipples despite half the population not even needing them for the specific purpose of breastfeeding

NOBODY SAYS "grow some ovaries" for a reason.

and seriously, "can i have your ovaries"
I'm afraid things have already gone south. What in the literal hecking hell 
Do I need to explain why nobody, not even dysphoric trans who want physical female attributes, says creepy shit like this? 
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"Let the hate flow through you!"
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wow, talk about a tail whack from Pitch
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