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ES: Find Yourself 172

By EStories
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Vectors taken from the show!


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Breezeyheart's avatar
That baby cyclops spider is adorable despite my fear of spiders... I don't really hate spiders, I just respect them unless they come into my house uninvited, then I kill them but only if they look like they could be poisonous (so the very small or brown ones) otherwise if I find a daddy long legs, I pick it up and let it outside since it can't harm me.
marinus18's avatar
so he does have mercy and he doesn't seem neccerily evil. I wonder what he wants.
wildhawk441's avatar
Alice knows when to "flight"! And I'm like " Mr burns Excellent . This will make them easier for Pitch and/or Discord to nullify!"
(Also, how come there isn't an emoticon of the CMC (separately or together) doing Mr. Burns's pose [the one referenced here] from 'One Bad Apple' ?)
lizzymae17's avatar
Girl??? How do you ponies know so much about the humans???
meile257's avatar
Discord (Reading 2) Plz - Alice, you clever girl!
It's a shame that your obvious good nature doesn't extend to not resurrecting evil forces and kidnapping ponies.
Ignition191's avatar
holy crud your stories are amazing!
GracefulArt693's avatar
Split up? SPLIT UP!! Do these ponies know that its a bad ideal to split up in a place like the Everfree Forest?! That's how the monsters get you!!
Pony4Koma's avatar
The very next day they found her bones in an ursa cave.
Aww, man! Dat gurl owe me some money! Ah gotta get dat--
O_o..... oh......
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lyrathelidragon's avatar
baby spidey wants to tag along.
FloofyFoxComics's avatar
Oooooooo, it's starting to look like they may not be as villanous as we first thought!
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Run Alice! Run to the hills!…

"They're coming from the hills!"

Then run away from the hills! If you see hills, go in the other direction!
LunaWolf16's avatar
Is he evil? Is he good with messed up reasons?! Or what?
samuraivalerie's avatar
Imma go with messed up.
Kim-Fareseed's avatar
Hm, why do I have a feeling we will see this little spider again.
Probably cause it's the last one I didn't spray yet....
*shakes a can of Raid*
Stuntpony's avatar
If you kill spiders you will have bad luck. *looks at the web at the ceiling corner*
Bad luck is for big fat phonies! Immah gangsta!
Stuntpony's avatar
SO, you're saing that YOU'RE a big fat phonie? X)))

But yeah, keep on slaughtering every insect you see, that wins you a lot of points.
Gak! And I get lots of LOVE from it, too! Hmph!..... wait..... wasn't LOVE an acronym or so--
*gets knocked unconscious by a flower*
Stuntpony's avatar
That's what you get for not choosing pacifist run. *walks away, nomming on pie*
I only did it to impress my friends.... that came out darker than I originally planned... given the events. XD
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