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ES: Find Yourself 157

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Vectors taken from the show!


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Claircendre's avatar

...why this guy look like sephiroth for me??

Dinofanx's avatar
Ok, now I am finally certain her eyes are becoming lighter.
This is the case ever since she woke up in Canterlot!
But now it's just more serious  
LavenderRain24's avatar
Is it just me or are Alice's eyes even lighter than before?
EStories's avatar
You're right ^^"
BrokenHooves's avatar
"Who's this?" --> "Who's that?"

Just a flow thing.
Dar-K-dA's avatar
Wait... is she now blind in her left eye?! would make sense since the whole left side of penny's face got covered, But oh my gosh! I feel so bad for her!
SentinelWolf5's avatar
Oh no! Alice was kidnapped by Sephiroth!

Awesome work, well done. =]
babyhallow's avatar
Animatorsnake's avatar
Who the buck you suppose to be, this comic series main antagonist?
PrincessTwilight04's avatar
This is getting to my shipping zone
RossPitsharkhunter's avatar
Hey, um, uh... Ya got something on your face, there.
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Oh my goodness, the half of her face! OH DEAR!!! And her eye looks even more like a blind person would have now!
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Who is this filthy naive and what is he doing with Alice?!
karkovice1's avatar
I HATE him already. :P
Summer-Lime's avatar
Why's she blind?
TartarusFire's avatar

I feel he's just gonna stab her in the back again after 'working together' in order to stop the worm.
Hexedecimal's avatar
Somehow I knew it...
TrueMadayar's avatar
Cousin Möb. You've gone too far. You might be my third cousin twice removed but I know a Pitchy and I'm not afraid to use her, you degenerated result of inbreeding.
R-Doll's avatar
must have been out for awhile. her magic sickness is growing worst ;;
StaredEclipse's avatar
If he hurt Alice then he's going to have one Alicorn and several hybrid or pony oc's on his flank in two seconds. I might not have very good control of my magic but you would be amazed at what anger can do to you. xD
xXBrokenIceXx's avatar
then he'll obviously have celestia's manly army attacking him. 
samuraivalerie's avatar
we talk about how you in trouble... or about to be...i watch from over here :ninjaeat:
RedSnivyRacer's avatar
DANG IT! I missed the beginning and now I'm so lost/confused! 
XxAlphysNEOxX's avatar
Ahhhh I need more
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