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ES: Find Yourself 143

By EStories
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Vectors taken from the show!


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BC-LS's avatar
I wish my OC could be used for something like this
Taismofan32's avatar
Is that supposed to be her future daughter or something/
luckyfanisaac's avatar
I realized did that OC break the fourth wall? :ponder: 
marinus18's avatar
Alice really needs some tough love. This was a great decision of yours.
Lyokoheros's avatar
Dragon101k's avatar
Spy Pitch on the move!
MultipleFandomLover's avatar
Discord is not an idiot! He's just a bit childish.
Animatorsnake's avatar
This got more interesting
KateTheGreat911411's avatar
I really hope Alice will live. She can't die, she's a good soul, she not exactly a social butterfly and has a few probs to work out, but she's still a good soul! 😭
Dalychnea's avatar
I have read the story up to this page now and really like it ^_^
SkalblakaFang's avatar
Did you just find this comic madam? This is what got me into mlp. :3
SilverShade2402's avatar
* cough cough* B****...
You know that it would have been a lot more helpful if you had offered any ideas for how to find her. It's not like she's putting up neon signs.
DreaMooNight's avatar
Disappeared?Oops! waoooooh
EmilyAckroyd's avatar
DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNN! she disappeared! 
karkovice1's avatar
Pitch: *whispers into a Communicator* "Beam me up, Scotty."


THAT'S how she dissapeared! :D
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
How did she just disappear that fast without Alice hearing some hoofclops nor seeing her walking by?! And also, it only depends on Alice now...everything in her own greatest problem depends on her own self majorly.
2tailedDerpy's avatar

Is Pitch like her spirit animal, or something? :XD:
TheDoubleDeuced's avatar
Way to Pitch-slap some sense into Alice.
EleosArgentum's avatar
hope pitch makes more apperances
SirArtanis7's avatar
the question is, was that filly her imagination and she's going insane? 
wolfrulez's avatar
Alice! Don't let her talk about your dissy Like that!... what? I ship it...
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