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These two better end up together at the end
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<3 you have gained a watch!
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Cockblock!!! Damn!!
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Don't be mean Discord
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The inside of Rainbow dash's wing isnt showing up :)
Very expressive emotions :D 
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Dang he's gonna give Alice a heart attack lol

He does not look amused in the last panel.
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Your profile pic fits with your comment, it's like your trying to hold the ship in.
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That's so true XD
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Let's me guess, "stop young lady/ girl." German isn't my native language, I just worked it out. P.S so sorry Alice. Carima my friend had a similar problem.
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"Halt, younges Freulein!"

God, I butchered the phrase...
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yes, yes u did. and im sure i should correct that, but, well, its late over here and my parents got kidnapped by demons from the 7th dimension again, now i gotta find them or something. dont know. i might just go to bed :)
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"Stop right there, criminal--"

No, wait, too obvious......
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Alice: Discord will be mine. Can anyone guess what I just referenced?
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Let me guess: oh I know Yandere SIM!!!(Just trying to do a stupid comment)
Princesslunamoon77's avatar
Yes it's yandere simulater.
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for some odd reason I suddenly thought of Bride of Discord series XD
You mean "groan," not "grown."

It'll be fine, Alice. These six have faced overwhelming threats without any plan before, and you'll note that Equestria is still in one piece.
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Go get her boy!
Flutter I hope you go hoof smack Pinkie.
When Rainbow Dash, of all ponies, calls you out for being tactless, you know you've done screwed up.
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Wow, this comment was awesome. xD  God damn right!
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