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liangzhixiaoemo's avatar
Why are you confident for this situation, Pinkie? :|
Bubbubob's avatar
I can't tell if that's confidence or sarcasm. o.0
PurpleWonderPower's avatar
Last panel? SUPA LOLLL!
MviluUatusun's avatar
LOLlast panel.  I've been in that kind of situation once or twice.
ilvbrownies's avatar
Pinkie pie crazed smile sprite MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Crazy Insane Loony Fluttershy (derping) PLZ Rarity (Getting Crazy) mlp season 6 Rainbow Dash Shocked (Emoticon) Applejack (uh sorry) plz Emoticon - Spike Reaction Okay we are officially screwed.
Randomgirl339's avatar
i wonder if alice ever gets a cutie mark
Catbeastaisha's avatar
"We can't risk losing the Tree of Harmony by taking them."
Lyokoheros's avatar
Considering how long Tree of Harmony was completely fine i think taking Elements for a while shouldn't cause any risk...
Especialy that the evil seeds propably already disappeared(by magic or harmony or were just destroyed by Discord himself - after he give Twilight that "lesson about bein princess").

And as someone else mentioned... Hirodu's thread really reasamble Tirek's thread...

But Alice as "Mary Sue"? It's really unbelievable how overused this term is. Who next get it? Princess Celstia? Princess Luna? Princess Cadance? Entire Mane 6? Or maybe just entire Equestria at one shot... 
ricardofr-200's avatar
Pinkie, just, Pinkie.
Dawnfur8888's avatar
Lol this whole stealing magic thing seems kinda familiar to me. *cough cough* tirek
BrokenHooves's avatar
Panel eight: "We can't risk LOSING the Tree of Harmony by taking them."

Also...damn it, Pinkie!
sweetdudebbb5's avatar
holy crap pinkie breath for once
Marblelight's avatar
In the 8th panel I read:  "To defeat Hasbro" not "To defeat Hirudo". :D
eleventhpolicebox's avatar
Yes defeat Hasbro let the weird everything wrong with videos keeeeeeep on gooooooing
Bleyk36's avatar
Pinkie you done goof!!!!!( i wish i got the words right xD).
Smartdazzle's avatar
MultipleFandomLover's avatar
Pinkie, that was perfect. X3
NightFurion's avatar
pinkie was sarcastic?
Eric-Michael-Kline's avatar
Alice at times seems like a purity sue, but she's likable enough for me to overlook it.  Plus, she gets bonus points for existing for the story rather than the story existing for her.
FoxyDivaArtist's avatar
Yes I totally agree, Alice is a complete Mary sue
AlienSteel23's avatar
Pinkie and her hunches
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