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ES: Find Yourself 130

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Vectors taken from the show!


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Discord’s saying “oh” so much that it’s a big OOC. And... “Don’t make such a face”? I love the comic, don’t get me wrong, but it’s starting to get ooc . . .
roseswirl78's avatar
omg that face... so cute but so .. sad
star3catcher's avatar
CasualBrony999's avatar
Meow :3 La la la la 
HimegimiUsagi's avatar
Ive seen her fly so how can she not
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Her magic was stolen.

eating soul 
MultipleFandomLover's avatar
Aww, Alice! :( Discord cares about you a lot!
Coolstriker64's avatar
Ummm.... SHE CAN'T FLY! I think that would take a little more priority than "the Star saves Marco meter".
kyuubinaruto18's avatar
First panel Alice.... WAHHH! :( (Sad) 
naan21's avatar
Sad Alice makes me sad T_T
The two of them weren't really getting anywhere anyway.
herofan135's avatar
This is so adorable, you can really see the friendship growing here. ^^
jaknblack's avatar
I like this comic it seems to have a good story line building
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I hate seeing a sad look on Alice's face but I can't get enough of it either. A conundrum I have with adorable characters I really like.
SkalblakaFang's avatar
Alice is so adorable and it makes you want to hug her and comfort her.
EmoshyVinyl's avatar
Alice looks as if she's about to cry in the last panel. :(
TooCliched's avatar
Alice's cute eyes in the last panel. :O
Those eyes in last pannel, you're good.
FluffyPPGS's avatar
SpheeDC's avatar
Oh my gosh, the face! So adorable!!
The564mumble's avatar
why do i keep having DIABETUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zerarkerk's avatar
Alice "cutie faces" strikes again... hehehe
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