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ES: Find Yourself 121

By EStories
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Vectors taken from the show!


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Catbeastaisha's avatar
"I was lost in my thoughts."
IloveLeofromTMNT's avatar
Shouldn't panel 7 say
"I was lost in my thoughts" ?
penguin04's avatar
I love discord's thinking face
ShazBaz579's avatar
Dat fae on panel 2 and 3 XDDDDD
Drangelu's avatar
Oh yes a dialogue between those two :la:
Princess Celestia Icon Profile Awesome!!Discord Icon
IcarusHector's avatar
I just realized tha the title suddenly gained a second meaning. nice.
lizziepod150mlp's avatar
Stormlover10's avatar
Discord+Celestia=SHIP icon SHIP icon SHIP icon 
qwertyo76's avatar
Just one small thing: I fail to see why Celestia would be in the tree's shade in one panel, but not the rest. She doesn't move, Discord just teleports over to her.
CrazyKZFangirl's avatar
FarOffPromise's avatar
hmmm...I don't like how Discord not acting like Discord
EStories's avatar
He was never in a situation like that, so...
AspiePie's avatar
I wish they would give Discord and Tia this kind of dialog!
InsaneNinjaDuck's avatar
The booty princess is calling for him XD 
TShadow13's avatar
Wait what The ship is strong in this comics !
Look at the pot calling the kettle black. Name one thing, 'Tia, that you don't take responsibility for in Equestria. Discord's just showing the same concern for Alice that you show for your kingdom.
karkovice1's avatar
"Princess Celestia and Discord having a dialogue? x3 Sweet... Celestia, I wish that would happen in the show :D (Big Grin) "

Well, he gave her flowers, at least. :)
Pororo15's avatar
Time to ship that smexy Discord :^>
BronyOfEquestria142's avatar
I love that thinking face ^^
CoffeeAndSardines's avatar
Awww, worried Discord is so cute!
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