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cestakrveHobbyist Photographer
I just found out that penumbra means a space of partial illumination (as in an eclipse) between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light...yeaaaaah
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GeneralRommel64Professional Artist
she looks like she got shot in the forehead at first glance
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SaiyanstrongHobbyist General Artist
It does.
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Agamemnon69Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I noticed her eyes have changed slightly.
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Just wait here, Alice. We'd ask you to help with the crisis going on, but honestly you're pretty useless.
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Pour Alice, fate does not favor her...
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How can you pour her? She's not liquid...
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 myMeadowth comment.…

I read the title and I predict there would a sheep villian that causes nightmares.
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Oh sho interehsting
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i7CommanderHobbyist Digital Artist
Every page I read makes me want to hug Alice more and more.
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Others? Mane six? The other princesses? Discord?
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hope she doesn't want to become a dr. yet.
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MalWintersStudent Digital Artist
And now I'm caught up on this one too! You've really got some fun stories, ES :3
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it will all come together soon....
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SoulAkai41Hobbyist Interface Designer
Is it me or do Alice's eyes seem more pale than usual?
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izzyo816Student Traditional Artist
her magic was removed, if you look at season 4 finale that once a pony gets his/her magic removed their CM disappears and their eye color fades (an exception would be the mane six because somehow they got their eye color back to normal... maybe Friendship is Magic or whatever)
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SoulAkai41Hobbyist Interface Designer
Oh, OK. Now I remember.
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One question I still have; is Alice now grounded?
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AspiePieStudent General Artist
Very damn interesting!
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Alice looks sooo cute in this page
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PhaedrolousStudent General Artist
Her eyes seem a bit shrouded?  Is that another side-effect?
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