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panel 2 that two pony... MY EYES!!!!! COMPLETELY WHITE!!!! @~@
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that chin on the floor :D:D
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LunadeerwarriorsHobbyist General Artist
it says put yourself together
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ew no Celestia buck off GET OUTTA MY ROOM YA STALKER
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luckyfanisaacStudent Filmographer
I hate Canterlot!!! With all that gossip!!! I say....
(Hey I figured out how to do that!)
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GeneralRommel64Professional Artist
those two lovebirds in the background Really Good .... Michael Rosen Chat Icon  
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TheNeoStrikeHobbyist Artist
nice kiss cameo
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Hawkspirit2000Student Writer
Alice has the best pony faces ever.
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probably too late to change it, but the correct saying is 'pull yourself together'.
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Two kissing in open... It's normal for Equestria?
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JadePawClipHobbyist Traditional Artist
I have no idea but lets go with it! rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony
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Alice has best face!!!!
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Come on Alice, you didn't react that way in front of Princess Twilight.
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Twi is not *that* scary. ;-)
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This Princess is a bit higher up on the chain of command. 
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Celestia is significantly taller, more powerful, and has been a ruler of Equestria for much longer.
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True, but while Twilight and her friends have a saved Luna from corruption, turned Discord in stone, played major role in saving Canterlot and the Crystal Empire, stopped Everfree Fprest from invading and defeated Tirek. All of this is around one year of time. All Celestia did was sitting on sideline, being defeated and captured, and her defeat of Sombra and banishing Nightmare Moon not only took place over thousand years ago, but she probably had at least a century between each defeated supervillain, while Twilight barely had a month of break.

So yea... I wouldn't call Celestia's reputation to be too impressive when compared to Twilight's achivements.
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Twi is too cute to be terrifying. ;-)
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Who says she had that much of a break between beaten supervillains? And in her defense, Celestia has had to deal with something Twilight hasn't. Her very own sister turning into a monster and trying to kill her. Off topic, you don't really like Celestia, do you?
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I do like her, but I dislike how she is portraited whenever a villain arrive in stories, comics and the show.

Whenever there is a threat and Twilight or one of main 6 is around, they face the danger, help and protect others, sometime even facing entire armies because guards are complitly useless.

Celestia and Luna however almost never do anything. They just stand there and give orders or appoint main 6 to face the problem. So many times I say to myself "umm, Celestia, maybe you can cast a barier to protect others, or maybe blast one of challenging with your magic. Maybe trap them in your levitation, anything, just don't stay there like a statue. And if royal sisters face the threat, it is just to show how powerful the villain is, resulting in the alicorns being defeated, outsmarted and so on, just so main 6 can clean the mess.

Long story short, every single author see royal sisters as powerful, and 95% of them search for ways to get the alicorns away form doing anything useful for the sake of the conflict. 90% of them end up showing Celestia and Luna as complitly useless. It was similar in the show when Twilight became an alicorn. She forgot she can use magic and was nearly eaten by a monster and later murderous plans, twice saved by her friends. So yea, I just can't stand it when authors use pathetic excuses to make powerful characters useless, and Celestia/Luna are the center of it.

Spoiler Alert:

In this comic when Alice is falling towards the ground, Celestia convince Discord to help rather than catch her in levitation. In this one case it actually made sense. But I bet that if Discord was replaced by twilight or Rainbow Dash, Celestia would still do nothing.

So no, I don't dislike Celestia as character, but I can't stand her actions and incompetence whenever facing a threat.
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Ah. In her defense, for most things, like say, Nightmare Moon and Sombra, it's a test type thing, for Canterlot Wedding, she was caught off guard, and Chrysalis was stronger than expected, as for the changelings themselves, she was incapacitated for most of the invasion thanks to Chrysalis. As for the comic, it's likely that Celestia has some sort of plan. Although I'm glad you're being civil, makes you better than 90% of Tumblr.
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Even if all those fails have an excuse, some of those excuses are poor and even feel forces. I am not really a fan of Celestia risking entire empire for the sake of test, and Chrysalis victory was poorly made when compared to main 6 going down after beating 100 changelings. However the issue for me is that failing is all the royal sisters doo everywhere. If you compare to situations when they stay on sideline and don't help, or try to help and fail, to moment where they do something useful directly, it is like 10 to 1. Whenever villain or problem appear, Celestia stop being a character, and either start being a plot decide to progres the story or show how powerful villain is, or she just become a Prncess Peach type of character. However while Peach isn't an experience fighter so it makes sense that Bowser constantly capture her (and in paper mario at least she help by acting like spy), Celestia is powerful character who never use her power or fail in using it.

I really dislike when everone are becoming stupid or useless just so the heroes can shine (villains included). In my opinion the best representation of characters and suport characters is to let everyone contribute something to save the day. Royal sisters have a lot of power, and they can assist main 6 both directly and indirectly without breaking the conflict, all it takes is a bit of creative thinking. But everyone decide to go lazy rotue and find excuses why they are useless rather than allow participation.

Here are short example: Nightmare Moon don't toy with main 6 but attack directly. Celestia protect main 6. Main 6 go search for Elements while Nightmare Moon send part of herself to stop them, and in the castle scene, when Elements are charged, Nightmare Moon attack one of main 6 members rather than stand still for minutes, Celestia distract her and prevent from escaping until elements are activated.

Celestia in duel against Chrysalis lose, but wound her. Wounded Chrysalis can't chase main 6 so send army instead. IN the end Luna and her guards attack Chrysalis and her guards. Twilight use this distraction to free Shining Armor and Cadence, and they both activate love shield to repel the invaders. No Chrysalis becoming idiot just so she can lose.

I can come up with idea where  royal sisters don't need to be incompetent without overshadowing main 6. I just wish more author would give it a try.
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