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ES: Find Yourself 117

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ProxyplayerHD's avatar
this dream thing reminded me of the start of Skyward Sword... intentional?

p.s.: that bed is still Impossible! (useless levitating decoration on it)
EpicBronyL's avatar
It's a very bad sign when ponies start to go bald. 
SasQ's avatar
Either a bad dream or there's an entire room with a bed inside this monster... :P
Oh, and she looks like slowly changing into an Alicorn too :P
karkovice1's avatar
Seems this story is all one bad dream after another to poor Alice. :)
InsaneNinjaDuck's avatar
Wait how are thos wooden balls floating there without magic?
DragonDragoo's avatar
Now she has a case of... cow spots?
psypsy25's avatar
O.o Holy Luna ! Alice is infected !
shyroy's avatar
Woah, suspense in both comics at the sameishtime.
Alright, that's enough of dream-having some idiot while slightly dead. It's time to be mostly alive again. And to hang around with a different, more familiar idiot.
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Hmm, so whenever what happens to Penumbra will happen Alice, eh? No wonder why Discord wants Penny to come back to Alice...
RoseSong2468's avatar
Dang it, I was wrong. Oh well, I guess that was a theory for another time.
silverbolt9999's avatar
ohhhhhh that cant be good
WolfCookieQueen's avatar
MikeysFanGirl's avatar
Oh dear, this can't be good
thunder-zap's avatar
You better find her, Discord, or that leech will be the least of your problems.
Crystalitar's avatar
the spots on her head.. hmmm
NecromancerKing85's avatar
What is this gigantic leech or what the hell is this huge slimy creature looks awesome
PhotoshopExpress's avatar
She doesn't have the same problem as patrick.."Hey patrick why are you mad? I can't see my forehead..."
tyruvelp's avatar
4th panel - cant tell if she is scared, or angry, or ready to kick some butt

(i all ready know the answer - just saying that is how her expression looks)
amazingpony123's avatar
did discord bring her there?
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