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ES: Find Yourself 116

MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!


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Reminds me of "Stranger Things".

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Leave her alone Monster!!!!!!!!!
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*hugs* I'm here for you Alice
Zannolin's avatar
I'm so scared for Alice!!!!
SunlightBlaze's avatar
I'm getting a real vibe of The Imprisoned from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword....
EpicBronyL's avatar
Danm it, a black sandworm. With a magic crystal! That it uses as a Horcrux! Could this problem get any weirder?!
TheRedLeaf's avatar
Why dose this remind me of Skyward Sword?
YoshiRingo's avatar
I see butt c:
I come back from my two week training, and.....I see butt..... typical estoriesLlama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
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I forgot I was reading this comic until something reminded me so I got caught up.   

1.  I like that Discord is the hero in this
2.  This is getting really deep.
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I hope their is a next one. I'll die if their isn't.
meower808's avatar
I can't wait 4 next 1!
Unlimited-Sky2's avatar
Alice is so pretty, it doesn't matter what she does with her mane, it looks good!
Also, this is such an amazing story, I cannot wait for more!!! :D
Summer30's avatar
She really is very pretty
karkovice1's avatar
Uh oh! Now Alice has to fight the Dune worm with endless teeth in the Netherworld. *shudders*
EllyCooArts's avatar
RoseSong2468's avatar
She's going to Tidal Wave or what ever the white pony's name is. I'm calling it. EStories, you owe me 14 pink ties if I'm right.
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save one to save many
wolfrulez's avatar
I luv how she immediately calls out for Discord for safety :3
You're not having some idiotic dream; you're just dead.

I feel like I should keep the "idiotic" on the right. So should it be "You're not having some dream; you're just idiotically dead"? I don't like that one much.

You're dream-having some idiot; just you're not dead. Or maybe "you're just not dead" or "you're not just dead"? I think that one of those is probably accurate, but I'm not sure which one. She might be temporarily slightly dead, after all. In any case, she's definitely dream-having some idiot.
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Discord (on the way) to the rescue!  :iconmlpdiscordplz:
CherryCreamFairy's avatar
Discord! Hurry and save her!!! D8
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
ALICE HANG ON!!! Foxy coming for ya! - Five Nights at Freddy's 
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I'm reaaally getting into this, awesome artwork. It looks like it's plucked right out of the show, I'm jealous, nice work!
Raykiller567's avatar
is this the real life ? is this just fantasy ?
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