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ES: Find Yourself 114

By EStories
MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!

If you find grammar mistakes: Let me know! I'll correct it!


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We all have to let Neigh Sayer know that we love Penumbra!

We love you Penumbra!


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TheTrefoiler's avatar
Still intense, yes...

But for at least one panel, that worm is kind of cute. :D Rawr
luckyfanisaac's avatar
If you find grammar mistakes: Let me know! I'll correct it!
AWWW DAMIT!!! I saw a few in a strip a while ago but I never pointed it out. *sigh* 
QueenWhiteFlare's avatar
Cord : Wow my brothers really protecting alice...
WhiteFlare : Yeah,Im suprised
HimegimiUsagi's avatar
whoever doesnt like penumbra full stop, ill suck my hatred in u, unless ur my watcher or ur who ah'm watchin
anyways, why is everypony calling penumbra penny, discord just said that but it doesnt mean its her REAL name
EpicBronyL's avatar
And apparently, this is now happening. 
Haszelnut's avatar
Khushi-1428's avatar
It was gone in the crystal!
EleosArgentum's avatar
That must be extremely bad.
What happned to the ginormous Leech?! Where did it go?
JoeWu2012Blue's avatar
DragonDragoo's avatar
Now I feel kinda bad for Penny...
Explorer-Of-Pokemon's avatar
is it supposed to be penny or discord talking in panel 8??
FluffyPPGS's avatar
She's saying she was not trying too put up that force field thing...
Explorer-Of-Pokemon's avatar
ohh, okay. thank you. ^v^
FluffyPPGS's avatar
PsycoJosho's avatar
Uh-oh. When something hurts Discord for real, it can't be good...
I'm very interested to learn what Penumbra is.
ChaosZero102's avatar
*Huggles Penumbra!*
TabrisLockhart's avatar
Oh, I got a feeling this is about to go all kinds of sideways
Khushi-1428's avatar
I know! Twilight (Nodding) Plz   When discord was about to remove it, that illusion got inside the crystal and Penumbra couldn't control as the illusion was trapped and Discord got burned his hand as it was hot or not sad nod 
Quantum-Black's avatar
sometimes we need to let our eyes adjust... to see the full picture
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