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"I hate doing this, but it seems I have to retreat." 
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LyokoherosHobbyist Writer
So this is the reason they need to be one again... but why if they are now seperate, and they truly were always different persons in one body?  It's another personality, other pony... she should have also other soul... 
And what is this worm-like monster?
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That first panel is me in a nutshell. 
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Yes I know what happened Murphy. Murphy decided to take a stroll today and he was a bit pissed when he saw this happening you to Claire's what can go wrong will go wrong and that was how Murphy's Law was born.
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QueenWhiteFlareHobbyist Artist
Is there ep 114?
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I just realised that the comic is tagged by #applejack and #celestia but none of them appeared yet. x)
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WolfSpirit325Hobbyist Traditional Artist
every comic I find its like in the 50s or 100s the illusion scared me ;n;
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Enderdragonslayer1Hobbyist Writer
Well, Penny, He just cornered you there, now it is whether or not you want to live.
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monterrangHobbyist General Artist
"i have no idea what's going on here"
in my headphone
"HEYEAEYAYAYAYA! i say hey! what's going on?"

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Enderdragonslayer1Hobbyist Writer
didn't fall for it
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DrakizoraHobbyist General Artist
wow its not like theres a perfectly visible trollface there or something
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sumw1Student General Artist
Isn't the crystal growing inside her now? Can she even take it off??
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Come on Discord is actually trying to help you, you should listen to the god of Chaos.
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Penny, I can't believe I'm saying this but please listen to him!
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I'm guessing it's no coincidence the monster's many teeth are the same make and color as your horn, Penumbra.

... better listen to Discord!
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This has been the best Discord comic ever!  Thank you for writing it!
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
Maybe willing to take that chance...
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A difficult choice, Penumbra has.
Certain cessation of being, remaining attatched to the crystal will bring.
No longer autonomous, will Penumbra be, if reunification with her nobeler half Penumbra chooses.
By herself, the choice cannot be made.
Only together, prevail they may.
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BronyOfEquestria142Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh Mai Celestia 
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Yoda!? Your still alive!?!
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um shouldn't in Panel three, shouldn't "I hate doing that, but it seems I have to retreat." be "I hate doing this, but it seems I have to retreat."?
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BackwaterOtterStudent Digital Artist
Don't know if this is a mistake, but in the 9th panel, the creature thing has full opacity while in the others it's slightly see through
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