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ES: Find Yourself 108

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TheTrefoiler's avatar
Has 'lapdog' become a four-letter word?

I like it. :D
PurpleWonderPower's avatar
Love the last panel.
Catbeastaisha's avatar
"Not only are you rude, you're stubborn, too." Perhaps?
Dark-K-dA's avatar
Look at Discord, tryin to help everypony (even the evil ones) like it's his job. He's a great guy.
HeartArtShine's avatar
4th panel, its not only., instead of not alone
HimegimiUsagi's avatar
is it just me or do i find that last panel look a bit funny
Hawkspirit2000's avatar
Discord is ticked...and when Discord's angry, CHAOS WILL REIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Commander--1's avatar
Not a happy Discord.
ForestStarStudios's avatar
(panel 3) No, Penumbra. Obsidian has.
PixelArt2003's avatar
hey you made some rhimes a bit there mate
Haszelnut's avatar
ToonHolt's avatar
This is getting good.
vekarvonkostu's avatar
DragonusPrime's avatar
grammer/wording mistake:
"not alone that you're rude, you're stubborn, too."
should be:
"not only are you rude, you're stubborn too."
250th comment.. sorry i had to do thatApplejack (derp) plz 
ARainbowOfColour's avatar
You shouldn't have done that, now he's angry.... on second thought, I'd really like to see what's he's going to do :dummy:
Gordon-Weedman's avatar
"Not alone that you're only are you rude, you're stubborn too."
"Shut up and get lost before I lost lose my patience."

Also, "That crystal on your head" sounds better than "The crystal on your head", just as "Who do you think I am? Some lapdog who sits and begs for these ponies?" sounds better than, well, you know what sentence I'm talking about.
LA-Rad's avatar
Lost my patience should be lose ^^'
s0l4rfl4r3's avatar
Well, Discord's pissed. We're all screwed!
Marynote2002's avatar
Nice comic! But In the 6th panel it's "Shut up and get lost before I loose my patience." sorry 
Kieve-KRS's avatar
Actually it's "Lose," one O. Loose implies either the opposite of tight, or the unleashing of something, neither of which is correct in this case.
Marynote2002's avatar
*face palm* I accidentally did that, I wasn't looking at the screen when I was writing CURSE YOU! I hit "o" two times 
waraiigoe's avatar
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