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ES: Find Yourself 104

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MviluUatusun's avatar
The more I read Discord's lines, the more I hear Robin Williams' voice.
HectorBoloMK33FTW's avatar
Discord, check to see if she's actually breathing or not before applying defibrillators. Also, when did you steal those, did you go through the mirror to Earth?
FireheartTheInferno's avatar
I think it's hilarious that Discord is usin' a paper bag t' try t' prevent himself from hyperventiliating, then apply defibulators xD --Wait, does he even know how t' use those .w.;
florfru's avatar
alice eyes......
Flexico's avatar
At first I read that line as "Bless my tacos!" I'm totally gonna start saying that now.
discord no dont use defibrillators use CPR first (mouth to mouth) then use the defibrillators. trust me im a doctor
SasQ's avatar
Calm down, Discord. Just get rid of the body and tell Twilight the Hydra did it.
Good to see Alice is OK.
Hmm... But if she is OK, then who the hell has been offered to that crystal?... o_O
LillyGeneva's avatar
"... Alice?"


Comeha's avatar
Power sanders?

Discord, I know what you're thinking, we don't do that kind of thing to friends remember?
CoffeeAndSardines's avatar
Are those defibrillators?  lol!
PsycoJosho's avatar
Was Discord going to defibrillate her?
Perdoux's avatar
Omg Alice's eyes are different ouo
TheDestroyer19's avatar
Alice's Eyes, they're different. . .
Chessypufferfish's avatar
XD, It's probably an error, or dis colored to show that she is unwell.
this is getting quite interesting now. good job, neigh sayer/estories. looking forward to following pages.
Comeha's avatar
Neigh Sayer is someone else. This is just EStories, or Think Pink if you wish to refer to his ponysona.
Raptore1917's avatar
Discord is like Sheogorath from elder scrolls except sheogorath is a deadric prince of madness and discord is I don't know the results of these 2 meeting would be interesting or disasters
Lycramosa's avatar
Discord totally reminds me of Sheogorath!  I haven't really though about that before.  It would be very interesting for the two of them to meet hehehe
Dawnchaser's avatar
can't wait for next installment!
Nyerguds's avatar
Well. If he can still summon defibrillators and paper bags out of thin air, that at least confirms they didn't remove his magic.
Evanzblack's avatar
this is a defibrillator
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