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ES: Find Yourself 100


MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!


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Son Goku (Super Saiyan) [V1] Super Saiyan Goku Goku [Super Saiyan] [V.1] Sayincredible - The Unincredibles DBS Movie 20: Unknown Opponent 
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Discord!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO Discord Sad Plz Parcel post (ahhh) plz 
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congratulation to page 100! - very good Job - as always ;P
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FUS ROH DAAAAAH *panel 15* Stupid Chainsaw 
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Is Discord being... self-sacrificial?
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Congrats on 100 pages of Find Yourself!!!
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Aw crap...this is not gonna be pretty....=( (Sad) 
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Sh*t just got REAL! O_O
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And for the especial number 100, everything goes to hell from here on! :dummy:
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:iconiseeplz: (Trollman) : Hooo ho ho ho ! poor little Alice... Will her Wonderland become... a Nightmareland ? TROLOLOLOLOL ! [ Yes... We are Evil ! ] ( * W *)
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D: Congrats on 100, but noooooooooooooooooo
Not mah Discord </3

Also, again I love that pose from panel 3 with Alice, that "looking up" pose.
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I agree ! It's very cute :3
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shit's about to go down
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Don't know what else to say but... this ain't good!
Well, Alice, it's time for you to prove yourself. Your friend, the first in many years to penetrate your self-enforced solitude, stands robbed of his power. Your nation stands in peril. How will you react?

Will you run? 'Twould be a grave disappointment, but a reasonable instinctive reaction.

Will you stand and fight? 'Twould be valiant, but likely foolhardy. 'Tis a considerable foe now that you face, and I doubt you can stop him alone.

Will you seek help from those who have been charged to defend Equestria? The former bearers of the Elements of Harmony, the senior princesses, and the Royal Guard would all surely have more power to bring to bear upon this problem than you. But is there time to find them and tell them of the situation?

Will you seek help from your dark side? 'Twould be the closest help you could hope to find, but 'tis likely that if you gave up control of your body, you would find that it was not help at all that you had bought.
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