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Go Gryffin go! :yell: 

Go, go, Gryffin Door!
Go, go, Gryffin Door!!

Also, Draconequus hunters... neat. :D (Big Grin) 
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If that's a Harry Potter reference then,..doesn't that make those 3 ponies Slytherin?
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does anyone think the season 6 finale took "inspiration" from this?
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"I never expected to see Discord free," probably.
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' ' He Is here, He just use a magic trick. ' ' ---> ' ' He Is Here, He Just used a magic trick. ' ' Or ' ' He Is here, He's just use'd a magic trick. ' ' .
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2nd frame. If it's in present, the correct form is "He just uses a magic trick..." Or "He is just using...", seeing that the previous sentence is already like it.
If it's in the past, the verb should be in the appropriate form.
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Never underestimate the door.
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So let me guess - 
This scar-riddled stallion is power-hungry but the price of a soul makes his existence null, leaving him only with his powers but not identity/choice 
So... His actions are not redeemable, but you know he's just some guy who didn't know what the consequences of his wishes were. 
An offer you can't refuse, on the outside. But once you accept, you find it offers you no benefits when you're no longer able to exercise to freedom to enjoy them.
So... Not sympathetic, just sort of pitiable. Imagine having so much power, but without the ability to use it as you please. Once a capable mind, rendered simply as a blind idiot deity with no direction.

Maybe his ambitions aren't as one-dimensional and generic as I once thought... You see, the common pursuit of power in this case seems bland. The potential consequences, if my ramblings are a little on the mark, can be very interesting and lead to character development 

In any case, we're not reading so far for generic scar-villain. (Why do villains always have scars??? Scars??? Aren't??? Evil???!!?) We're reading for Alice/Penny and Discord. 

Just rambling... 
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He just USED a magic trick
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All crystals are evil, crystals killed my family.
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thats....actually a good plot and idea for the villian steal a former villain and god of chaos magic....I'm impressed O.O
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Raven: I'd like to see that happening....
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i love this comice!! :D
Should've used it on Tirek. If you had played your cards right, you could get the magic of most of the population of Equestria and be hailed as a hero for stopping Tirek's rampage. Just imagine how easy it would be to pull off your nefarious plan if you had all the magic and all the adoration of the entire nation.
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Raven: I don't think Tirek showed up at the time.
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I just love, this story!!!! I can't wait, please upload the next chapter (image). I want to see how Discord, Alice, Fluttershy and Twilight are going to fix this. I'm so nervouxcited!!!! 
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I dunno if anyone said this, but in the second panel, it should be "He just USED a magic trick to hide himself". Just thought I'd point it out.... ^~^`
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Wehehhhh, DUN DO ITTTT
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What kind of twisted fellow was crazy enough to create this crystal? What if had backfired during the creation?
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This definitely getting more interesting and exciting. :)
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He should free Tirek and take HIS magic.............
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