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ES: Find Yourself 095

By EStories
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Vectors taken from the show!


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I just wish we had something to this in the show, a random pony besides fluttershy who also enjoys his chaos. That could have brought a lot of things like the main 6 (except flutterdhy) thinking he brainwashed that pony into liking his chaos or even flutterhshy becomes jealous because . . umm . . discord stops going to her house for their time with tea and just sees him having fun with somepony else for a change. WHY LARSON, WHYYY?

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Discord is the best ballerina ever.
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Discord copied the greatest troll of all time.  Toad.

Toad : Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle !

Classic Mario : OK. let's go to the next world.


SMG4's Mario : Shoot the Toad. (Destroyed 1 of the 10 toads !)

Wahoo (Sr Pelo's Mario) : WA HOO (Crush the toad)

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humm he may have been wearing rose colored glasses at the time
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Never try to beat a pony in a pillow fight, you will always lose.Chrissy, Jack, and Janet - Icon  
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Last panel where in space the next we get a montage of random moments.
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The second panel's my favorite.
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XDD  This was great!  And I absolutely love her talking with the kettle!
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"Hello Miss Pot,this is Kettle,he says you're Black!"

I still do not get that joke
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It's essentially being a hypocrite. Accusing someone else of the very thing that you are or are doing or have turned around and done.
Often old pots and kettles would end up turning black after being used over a fire for so long.
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So in other words,saying that means they’re calling you an idiot?
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That could be implied, I suppose, but more that you are quick to blame others for your own flaws while ignoring that you have them.
I found another version that works well for this.
A blackened pot calls a shiny kettle dirty, only to have the kettle explain that the pot is seeing it's own reflection.
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I think u misspelled cough? I dunno but ur PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE Toads Screaming Icon 
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Lol! I wouldn't believe him either
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The princess is in another castle. The line that made me want to kill toad.
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Fighting is magic!
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#1: Oh Discord... ;J
#4: So that's where Moondancer gets her mane done? :D
#5: Naked pillow fight: checked.... :>
#6: Nice joke on Twilight ;J
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stop doing this i cant stop laughing XDDDD
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Super Alice...Sisters? XD
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