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ES: Find Yourself 094

By EStories
MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!


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Did discord just access the multiverse?!

Ravs2001's avatar

The shiping is strong with this one

PurpleWonderPower's avatar
This page is one of my favourites yet!
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Discord is my favorite now.
eliander's avatar
discord has acquired  Fangirl Alice. with hard work fangirl Alice can become very powerful!
timstro59's avatar
If I could ever see something like that myself within my lifetime, I would die happy.

No, not simply happy. What's a word for something light years beyond totally fucking ecstatic?
luckyfanisaac's avatar
The third panel under the "my gosh" one makes her look fat.
RubyStardust's avatar
tfw that booty is so good discord has to take his glasses off
Coora's avatar
To see such joy in her eyes after so many panels of her sadness, tis a delight :D
A-Gaming-Fox22's avatar
*floats by cookie planet and consumes it*
Hawkspirit2000's avatar
I adore the background in this chapter. <3
LightDisc182's avatar
Panel 2,3,4 : I've seen enough hentai to know where is this going
EpicBronyL's avatar
Oh my god! that's amazing!
Zarcan's avatar
love that planet sight, eadible and pretty scenery to have a tea for two and two halfs
SasQ's avatar
Alice: My Celestia, it's full of stars!
Discord: Yup ˘u˘
Alice: Flying sweets?
Discord: It worked with the Hydra, should work with a pony.... 9_9

Welp, Discord sure does know how to impress a mare...
Freedom50's avatar
Rainbow Monstercat Emoticon  Love it. :3
Beautiful background... :drool: redone 

Now the only thing needed is music impression - how about this one?…

Especially the second part (starting 10:59) made me look like Alice in panel 14 :ohyes: 
Corporal-Chaordic's avatar
"In your eyes I saw... such wonder."-Q, Star Trek
SugarCookie310's avatar
She's so cute in panel 14! ^w^
i think somepony need a song a certain genie from a movie sang in this one part of the comic
KDA2077's avatar
Oh my gosh, Alice looks so cute! 
I love your cómic, thank you so much for made this :D

PD: Alice likes the SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! Space-core-icon 
I'm ashamed of you... What? OH! You thought I meant the page. No no no, I was talking about the comments...

SPACE!!!!!! I'm in SPAAACE
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