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ES: Find Yourself 093

By EStories
MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!


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BC-LS's avatar
I think you mean "I almost suffocated." not "I almost choked".

Also, "And what we're doing now?" should be  "And what are we doing now?"
ilvbrownies's avatar
In the first panel, Comet's expression for some reason makes me think of charlie brown.
FadestepTheCat's avatar
the second panel O.O 
i saw something else
i have an awful mind
Cheap-And-Cute's avatar
Grammer mistake: Frame #8, 
Original: And what we're doing now?
Fixed: an what are we doing now?
Theta9099's avatar
Fixed: And* what are we doing now?
Catbeastaisha's avatar
"But I almost suffocated" might be a better phrase. 
Dancing-Sparks's avatar
I ALMOST CHOKED! *Is thinking of more than one thing*
Phaedrolous's avatar
Comet is like the MLP equivalent of Woodstock.
StevenVesno's avatar
Frame 8. "And what are we doing now?"
DasHorseyLover's avatar
*thats too big*

*i allmost choked* 

Mulgorath's avatar
Woah, who said you could make this anything over PG, Alice?
Family Picture.
templar127's avatar
Pokebreeder25's avatar
what did she say in the second panel 
SasQ's avatar
OK the adult subtexts in these recent pages are getting more and more intense... ._. me gusta
Nice reference to "Alice in Wonderland" too, with that growing and shrinking back and forth.
"What are we doing now?" or maybe
"What do you want to do next?"
Erin-Hardwicke's avatar
Do you almost suffocated? For some reason I don't feel like 'choked' fits in there. ^^'
Polabear-loves-art's avatar
And what ARE WE GOING TO DO now
natekiksace's avatar
She may not be smiling, but we are
Summer30's avatar
I love the expressions he is making in cute
Shadow-aSc's avatar
yeah - und schon wieder eine neue Seite *freu*
ich lieg ja grad mit Fieber im Bett, aber einen schönen Comic zu lesen baut einen dann wieder mal so richtig auf (zumindest Mental)

danke dir - und: weiter so
Angelwings200's avatar
Oh Discord, we know you mean well but sometimes you turn into Dickcord.
LillyGeneva's avatar
PixelArt2003's avatar
when is next page coming?
EStories's avatar
As soon as possible!
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