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BC-LSStudent Digital Artist
It should be "I think I'll pass."
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He's Discord sweetheart. A bad idea is a good idea.
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"I think I'll pass" might work better.
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It only makes as much as no sense.
Again this is Discord, girlie.
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CinnamanArtzStudent General Artist
Shouldn't it be "I think I'll pass"
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me: Hey I have a pet hippogrif

MLP-Silver-Quill: What'ch ya saiyan? I'm not your pet

me: not you. him

*baby hippogrif runs and hugs my leg*

MLP-Silver-Quill: wait. is that a baby hippogrif?

me: youp
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I like ALice. She's so Beautiful..And her mane too.Fluttershy dance Es increible! 
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megaabbystarHobbyist Artist
its I think I'll pass not I pass. Have a good day!
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Joce2649Student Digital Artist
Hey? Where's comet?
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MrSwordArtHobbyist General Artist
Discord: What in the wide world make me think it ISN'T a good idea?
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OH GOD!!!!!! *Falls off bed*

The fourth panel scard me...
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DrMarathonHobbyist Writer
Because you get to ride that thing, and let it rampage across Canterlot! Let it eat Blueblood first! 
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ForestStarStudiosHobbyist General Artist
umm shouldn't Alice be lookin' up in the last panel?
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lol Nice.^^

Oh, and I'm guessing that the villain's two 'subjects' will be the first ones he tests his powers on. Since he seems less moral than Discord, I could easily see him turning them into his 'loyal herd' of mare subjects, considering it an 'honor' to them for him to keep them around.

Note to villains: Never trust your bosses. Ever.
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I think it should be "I think /I'll/ pass" not "I think I pass"
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CosmicHunter89Student General Artist
"I think I pass" should be "I think I'll pass", instead.

It's really good to finally be back to reading your comics again. Great stuff, indeed! w00t! 
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Of course, for chaos!
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Because they're house broken.
(10 minutes later)
:( I take back what I just said.
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Alice, of course it isn't a good idea: he's DISCORD. ;p
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That fourth panel, *snort* Laugh LOL 
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Since Twilight has pet dragon, why pet hydra is less legit? :D
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Seriously for English not being your native language, you are doing a great job with it
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19Master97Hobbyist Writer
having a hydra for a pet would be kick ass...
oh...the things we would do!!

:diabolic: :diabolic: :diabolic: :diabolic: :diabolic: 
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