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a little late for that - (Letter)
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I thought he said miss hydra
Catbeastaisha's avatar
"But how should we find Discord" maybe?
Pokebreeder25's avatar
can the heads of a hydra be different gender like one head is female and the other three male or all the heads the same gender
EpicBronyL's avatar
I sincerely doubt it. 
SasQ's avatar
"Marry me, Alice!" -- Discord
TheRedLeaf's avatar
Sure because shouting his name helps.
Joce2649's avatar
Herbert is very majestic ;o...
You think too small, Alice. Go and find him! Ride the majestic steed Discord has provided you!

Okay, so the steed is kind of slimy. I don't care. Get Herbert to lower one of his heads so you can ride it. You'll cover ground much more quickly that way, and you'll have considerably better visibility.
Maddy66547AJ's avatar
I want the next one..
Sturmlion1's avatar
Because screaming for the God of Chaos always works out so well.
bonamb's avatar
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in the middle of the 
JediJess's avatar
DAMN IT! you beat me to it. :-P /)
NightmareDerpy's avatar
I really do hope you DON'T pair up Alice and Discord. I like this story and I'm enjoying it but if that ever happens I'm gonna really get mad and upset since I want to know what happens, but if that does happen I'm gonna haft to give up on reading this.

I really don't like to see people ship oc's with cannon characters. It just doesn't seem right and I just can't ship it. It doesn't have the same effect. I'm also a big fan of Discord and to see him shipped with an oc just feels wrong.

I do think your oc is very pretty btw, and very cute, and I do love this story. I'm just gonna be so disappointed if I see those two together. I'm just saying this.

It would be better if you kept Discord and Alice just good friends. I would feel better with you parring those two if you were the one who made up Discord...but no.

I'm not trying to be rude at all, I am just kinda scared and upset that will happen between Alice and Discord. I have nothing against you and again 'I love your story' but shipping those two together just doesn't work. I'm just saying this because I do really want to read this but every time theres a new part I worry about you parring those two.

So I do recommend that you don't pair them. I do think is story is very funny and very interesting and I always can't wait to see the next one. I just hope you understand what I'm saying and don't pair them. I really don't want to see that. Btw I have nothing against you.

I just had to say this since it's been on my mind for a while now and I've been dying to say it since my sister told me you asked if anyone thought you should pair Alice up with Discord and I was extremely upset. I really, really want to read this but I just cant with a parring of those two. I sorry if I offend you at all. I'm not trying to be rude...I don't like being rude.
Ovelayotli's avatar
To be honest, I'm not onto DiscordxAlice either (or onto any OCxCannon) , but this is ES' story (lol, get it? ok not) and we should respect what he wants to do with the story. after all, and as I know, the main focus is to discover what's wrong with alice, not the pairing!

I too love this story, and I won't stop reading it because a detail I don't like, let's just ignore it and move on to the next page :D
NightmareDerpy's avatar
I'm not very good at ignoring things like that. So I don't think I could ignore it if E stories made them a pair. If they did become a pair I'm gonna get really mad because then I won't be able to read because I can't ignore it.

I just think it would be better if they weren't a pair. But if I could ignore it I would but no...I'm not good at that, and it's just the way I am. I don't mind OC and cannon pairing as long as there with back round ponies. But it is kinda silly.
Ovelayotli's avatar
Sorry for the late reply!

I'm not either, but kinda trying I guess hehe. but as I said before, I'll just move to the next page and see what happens, I just want to know why Alice is being bipolar or something like that.

I think we cannot tell ES to not pair Discord and Alice, It's what he wants to do with the story I guess.

Also, is good to talk to someone who doesnt loose her mind with things like this. Everytime I see people commeting things like this they usually explode for some reason xD.
NightmareDerpy's avatar
Yeah I know but I just hope it doesn't happen. I do enjoy this story a lot. It is very entertaining, but I think romance doesn't fit in this story.

Whenever I see someones OC shipped with a mane character...I just end up not a very good mood. I think it would be cute if Discord and Alice were just best friends! :icontwilighthey1plz:
SasQ's avatar
Sounds like a plan.
Yup, you heard it. You're planning your own disappointment right now.
If you don't want to feel bad about what will happen, then just don't.
Don't let the comic influence how you feel, because how you feel is actually your own choice.
No comic can really change it, and if it does, it's because you're allowing it to.
"Circumstances don't matter. Only the state of being matters." -- Bashar

Ever heard of the law of karma?
People think that karma is something unavoidable, some kind of fate or destiny which they cannot escape.
But the truth is, karma is nothing more than your own memories and how you see them now.
(Because you're always remembering your memories now, and the "now" influences them and reframes them.)
It returns again and again, making you feel bad, as long as you don't see the recurring pattern and deal with it.
Work it out and it will disappear.
Ovelayotli's avatar
Yeah, I guess friendship is better than romance, but meh, let's just see what comes next

dat insane twilight xD 
stavman101's avatar
comma between us and you're
Apalority's avatar
No, it's "Be careful not to step on us. You're so big." Capitalization does not occur in the middle of a sentence. 
It's not "Be careful not to step on us, You're so big."
It's not even "Be careful not to step on us, you're so big." If it WAS, then it would be "Be careful not to step on us; you're so big."
Sorry, just my grammar nazi side showing itself. :)
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