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ES: Find Yourself 084

<MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!


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FlurryHeart1908's avatar

I JUST relised? Gryfin is a door....Gryfindoor ;P

cestakrve's avatar
oh nooo that poor hydra!!!!
eliander's avatar
change of heart. it doesn't require magic but it came be magical when it happens 
FadestepTheCat's avatar
i love the hydra :3
JediMoonstar's avatar
Is this your oc, And it's you?
HimegimiUsagi's avatar
*pulls out 10000000 buckets and places them under hydra* its alright, she didnt mean it, she never knew you guys are friendly
*hydra smiles*
*Alice stares* shes talking to a hydra?
*me* why not? they ARE friendly after all
*Alice* i regret it *sigh*
FoxyDivaArtist's avatar
Awwwwwwwwww da poor bebes....
EpicBronyL's avatar
Just leave. Slowly. 
BaconZalad's avatar
Boy gryffin doesn't help that much
FoxyDivaArtist's avatar
Lol that doors been through alot though lol
Stormlover10's avatar
I'm starting to hate Alice now :l
SasQ's avatar
Now she even made the poor Hydra cry :P
OkamiJubei's avatar
Alice... you need to be more sensitive to nice creatures.
TroopCaptain97's avatar
Alice! Why did you make the poor hydra cry?
HimegimiUsagi's avatar
she neva new it wes fwendlie
TNTDisco's avatar
This page was the first one i saw of this comic, and i was like "WTF, A DOOR???"
Tifa-the-Strange's avatar
*whispers* sad Hydra *flees* XD
Misantropony's avatar
You'll need 4 apologies, Alice.
Summer30's avatar
IcyCrystalLuna's avatar
Simple! Say sorry...
waraiigoe's avatar
Oh dear, even Griffin can't help. xD
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