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ES: Find Yourself 080

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Maybe that was already mentioned, but you wrote "What does it looks like?" whereas it should be "What does it look like?".

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Tell me that you didn't change your manestyle because of that jerk Moon Dust. I'm begging you.
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Sonicdas's avatar
Still..not over that pun lol
eemoo1o's avatar

A “slither in” or “slyther inn” pun will happen

I prefer the other manestyle really. But that's just me. What do you even call that current hair-mane-style thing anyway?
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Wait In This one she spelt gryffin with a "Y" but in the nelxt two it was spelled with a "I" what's the correct spelling?
BrownPen0's avatar
Who ships Alice and Gryffin?
ricardofr-200's avatar
Are freaking serious? xD
BrownPen0's avatar
This is the Internet. Everything is possible ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
blmn564's avatar
Think about this, good man! What will their children look like?
ricardofr-200's avatar
Yeah I know that ^_^
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"What does it look like?" --> "How does it look?"

XD Otherwise, Alice is literally asking what her mane looks like... "Like, uh, a mane?" *BRICK'D!*
this new style reminds me of the way Rainbow Dash had her mane in "best night ever."
Zannolin's avatar
The manestyle is so gorgeosu!
SasQ's avatar
I liked the previous mane style more. Just sayin'...
Sillylittledog's avatar
I love you Neigh Sayer! Gryffin is the best door I've ever seen! 
Sillylittledog's avatar
Griffin is so funny!
Joce2649's avatar
Now she look like Minalo Mash.(I spelled it right? Right?) and also I luv you Neigh Sayer! 
Greyshi's avatar
You befriended a door! Please aDOORe it! 

This comics is sooo cute so far. x3
Enderdragonslayer1's avatar
Sharkbrush's avatar
She looks even more like Button Mash's Mom now!
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