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ES: Find Yourself 077

MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!


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Avatar-J24's avatar
4th panel. It's "give me time." Not " get me a time"
Avatar-J24's avatar
I like this comic. It's got Discord 's goofy antics down and everything.
Celefin's avatar
Those flowers :D
Perfect Discord is perfect.
PurpleWonderPower's avatar
That was so sweet. And I love how he made the flowers sing. That was funny.
Theta9099's avatar
If this came before Luna's Tantavis Episode i feel like this was foreshadowing for RD's "Nightmare" 
Catbeastaisha's avatar
"I will... but give me some time" might work better.
Agamemnon69's avatar
Panel 4 should be either "Give me time" or "Give me some time."
CardmasterWild's avatar
4th panel "I will... But give me some time. I'm not in the mood right now". Sounds odd as "... But give me a time"
Marblelight's avatar
Twilight vector from 9th panell is of game Twilight VS Walking :D
agitha-and-neytiri-f's avatar
intead of "a time" it should be "time"
ABronyAnonymous's avatar
"(Right)Now I'm not in the mood"

I've heard that many times.
TiPo4eva's avatar
This is going to have a shipping of Alice and Discord,isn't it?
ForestStarStudios's avatar
The 9th panel Twilight reminds me of the Twilight vs. Walking game.
Soaring-Spirit-Pony's avatar
the 8th picture looks a lot like the game twilight vs walking
SasQ's avatar
OMG Rainbow Dash's nightmare in real life! :D (at least in Equestria)
Good that she's not here. She would freak out when seeing these singing flowers :J
RainFlower167's avatar
CookieMoone's avatar
*Sigh* I want to be a Discord :/
BlueWindShift's avatar
but give me sometime
Lilly-Bun-Bun's avatar
You misspelled grammar.
And if caps count then it's "But give me some time" or "But give me time"

XD Such a Grammar Nazi I am.
Polabear-loves-art's avatar
But give me time (no a)
After we'VE settled, you can get your things(no that)
SombraTwiLuver's avatar
I think it's "After we get settle THEN you can get your things."
Tifa-the-Strange's avatar
The flowers are the best part XD
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