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ES: Find Yourself 072

By EStories
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Vectors taken from the show!


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Started to hate ponies who had cutie marks? Sounds familiar..I think you and Starlight would’ve gotten along. Actually, now that I think about it, if Alice was a part of Equality Village (known as "Our Town" in the show), how would that have worked? Alice doesn’t have a cutie mark for Starlight to replace with an equal sign...can someone help me?
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So this was starlight glimmer before there was a starlight glimmer?
BelladonnaErisMonroe's avatar
weres alices tail ban at in box 7
Sooo. She is a pegasus version of Starlight but a bit more shy
EStories's avatar
I didn't mean it Litterally i just mean that the way she is acting and seeing the bad sides of cutie marks is what makes her like starlight for a bit
marinus18's avatar
I can't exactly blame them for talking about her without involving her. She isn't exactly showing much strength.
TheAbyssalSamurai's avatar
Im starting to get a Starlight vibe from this scene. ANyone else feel it too?
I thought just the same :D
TheAbyssalSamurai's avatar
Indeed. Maybe they're related?

Dun Dun DUUNNNN!!!!!

Or maybe I'm just taking this too seriously.

Obvious Fiery Joker reference is obvious
Maybe if Alice would have lived in Stirlight's village they might be good friends - and nopony would laugt at her because of her missing cutie mark, she would be THE Pony who stood up against her destiny and everything and so on !!

..... and then she would have gone crazy when Twilight changed everyone back cause there is no 'changing back' for her .... baaad ending :O
TheAbyssalSamurai's avatar
That would be quite a fanfic. Someone write it up now XD
that would be awsome if someone would do this :O ! :D
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theses "#" are a bit confusing... i mean theres #applejack .
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I was going to ask the same :D
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She could always just wear clothes. It's really not that hard to conceal your flank. 
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Hm, sounds very familiar to me.
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Well. Need moar tissues!
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Don't worry Cari knows exactly how you feel don't you.
Cari: name calling, lack of cutie mark? yes I've been there. After the princess turned me into a pegasus, convinced I was dangerous more gossip sprang up. I shut my self away in the clouds. but because I had no friends it took me a while.    
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"And what if it will?" -> "And what if it does?"
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CALL you bad names
It WAS years ago

Hope I helped :)
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