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box 8.

COULD you tell me whats going on now
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Wow! great story so far!
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5th frame.
I believe the correct phrase should be "I think I've made my choice". I assume the character has *just* made his decision. Past Simple instead suggests the choice was made farther in the past.
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this comic series is so amazing~!!!! i love the drama between Alice & Penumbra already & how yew are able to use Discord as a mediator without makin him look out of character!!  :D i'm gonna read this comic from start to finish now
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"Please note: Still no internet! I'll correct the spelling errors as soon as possible!"

Then how did you post this? LOL
Letuce369's avatar
Probably looks for areas with free WiFi and uploads them...
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Who the Fuck are You.
BaconZalad's avatar
I dont know but I already want the fucker dead
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Time for some exposition.
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Frame 6: Ponies smoke after teleportation. But don't catch on fire!
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What happend to his face did he mess with a Griffon and got personal with it's talons/claws? Ouch.
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"May you tell me what's going on." is kind of awkward. -  This should be "Will you tell me what's going on?"
Is that black pony obsidian from seeds of darkness?
Threat incoming. 
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Roger that, Command. Sierra unit standing by. Requesting permission to engage target. Over.
Maj. DaBomb reporting in. You have premission to engage. Show them our bombs. Over
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Sierra Unit. Commencing fire. *mortars firing* Tango down. Status uncertain.
Princesslunamoon77's avatar
When will the next page come out just wondering?
NocturnalRascal's avatar
Where is the next page
Look out! It's Elsa R63 Elsa! With her him working for the villain, he'll be unstoppable! The ice will last . . . FOREVER! As will the evil laughter.

His eclipse powers will help with maintaining the eternal winter, too.
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