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ES: Find Yourself 064

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Am I the only one thinking it was a lame yet funny burn when Alice's dark side called Discord "the lap dog"?

BelladonnaErisMonroe's avatar
first box

shut up you little brat it's to late now

last box.

well... well... If it isn't the Lord of Chaos 
iiWannaGoToFriendlys's avatar
no... 'too' is correct.

you, too, and two? lol
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Let's see... Manifestation of one pony's fear and anger... vs a literall god... Yeah, my money's on Discord
GeneralRommel64's avatar
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
You know when discord goes out of his pony disguise he is serious!
shieldgenerator7's avatar
It's not a spelling error, just kind of a nitpick: Star Dust's white hoof changes from left hoof to right hoof in the first three panels. It would be better if they were a little more consistent as to which side has the white hoof
BelladonnaErisMonroe's avatar
aaah wrong. it dont even show his white hoof in the first 2 boxes. just the 3rd one. 
Sturmlion1's avatar
You know, she's hot when she's angry.
Jarkes's avatar
Trying to figure out who would voice Alice (as well as her dark side) if this were fully voiced by the show cast... Probably Tabitha.
Amelia-SquarePants's avatar
In the last panel, usually villains say "Well...well...well. If it isn't the "Lord Of Chaos"?". I think that sounds better. ^~^
VengeanceOfFlames's avatar
If Discord says NO, it means "You better don't do so" xD
What about "Hyde" and seek?
Crystalitar's avatar
reminds me of persona.....
Luna-Brony's avatar
Nightmare ponies ain't got shit on Discord
BluePeach14's avatar
Discord is awesome!!!!!
G-GIRL20000912's avatar
evil side of me says to moondust- thats right, run you b****!!!France Laughing - Evil Inverted 
good side of me says - get the the popcorn, i gonna enjoy this!!!Meme (Popcorn) [V1] :popcorn: 
Mlp-shadow-prints's avatar
My good side: Says let's just sit back and eat some popcorn.

My evil side: Says right there with you man.
G-GIRL20000912's avatar
both sides: eeyup!
TheNervousMedic's avatar
LOL and discord does not give two shits! XD
S1kBo1's avatar
You ruined the fun part Discord!
Oh boy, when Discord gets serious...
TrueMadayar's avatar
Gotta catch them all, Discord!
Well, he's Discord. He can catch that idiot later. Right now, you're the pressing problem.
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