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ES: Find Yourself 002


MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!

Black Text: Thoughts | White Text: Dialogue


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GesztenyeTorta's avatar
Panel 1 and 2. She has no eyes at all.
DrWhoFan611's avatar
sees stallion in last pannel

What'll be, fellas...? Vectors, or Pony Creator? slaps knee, and laughs like a hill-billy
makarosc's avatar
*Rips your lips off like Dennis*
NightThinkuu's avatar
Can you put in my OC if you want? (Please?I mean i know how she is cause i read your comics and u dunno if you finished it yet but i woud LOVE to be in!!(see information of my oc in my jurnal (i dunno if i type it right)
ProxyplayerHD's avatar
ok, 2 things...
1. she falls over one rock... and look like she fell down a mountain.
2. that guys Cutie mark is a Atom right?
but it's the old way of Displaying Atoms, as Quantum mechanics make things a bit more... Interesting... and "cloudy"
Matena-Aliceris's avatar
1. Totally agree with you!
2. I think his cutie mark shows that he is a chemist.
Snowcat93's avatar
I really like the way you put the story into it's sophistic and pretty known pattern. It begins all with a sudden bust of the cloak. ^^
RoseQuartz1's avatar
Cool, a science stallion.
CeliaKyurem07's avatar
U do the 20% Cooler comics
rainbowdash10124's avatar
noooooooooooooooooooo don't
EStories's avatar
Thank you so much for all your comments /)^3^(\ I've read them all!
rainbowdash10124's avatar
oh np btw you have the best commics ive read keep it up!
OolimenoteoO's avatar
as soon as i saw the colt i screamed I SHIP IT!
Bleyk36's avatar
Nooo my friend we should say let the shipping begin!!..ruha!!
SuperDavidEB's avatar
will J come back on other chapters maybe?
So your guest, J, is fellow German Marlon 'Micky' Maric, a.k.a. JackVolt. Cool. :D Does he live in Hamburg too? Tell Jack I'll be back. His stuff looks pretty cool. 
EStories's avatar
You know him? c_O
EndertheDark's avatar
I . . . don't understand how she is . . . different. 
Nope. But I did click on the J in the description to see who the mystery pony was. What he had on his profile page looked interesting. I'll check it out, later. ^^
Rheaper's avatar
Will we be seeing any more of this pony? XD Moonbutt is a jerk.
kiramekiyukihito's avatar
Love alarm rings
kiramekiyukihito's avatar
Ehhh whai??
Wrong guess
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