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ES: A(pple)ffection! 088

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Vectors taken from the show!

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The unsubtle brick equivalent of saying "I love you".

Though from previous experience, Silverlay learned that she needed to be blunt with her feelings towards Apple Jack.

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I think it's "Silverlay and I spent" instead of "Silverlay and I spend".

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Manam-KawsrHobbyist General Artist
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ManekiNeko11Professional General Artist
Granny Smith (nope) plz: I raised a fool! 
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badDrawer128Student Artist
Wait, this is a similar style to the real thing.
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Silverlay, hasn't anypony ever told you that a bouquet of roses is inappropriate for a friend who is still considering whether she is open to a more romantic relationship? You're going to scare her off if you keep coming on so strong.
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dragolineHobbyist Digital Artist
Just gtfo now
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Oh that was cute.
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AJ, you should have learned a lot time ago that your friends really don't do subtle. Even when, at least in Rarity's case, they think they're being subtle!
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sigel4everStudent General Artist
then, WHAT'S the problem?
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Its probably getting there.  The wait be killing me.  Watch it be some off hand comment meant to be a joke or some shit
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sigel4everStudent General Artist
oh mamoth
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Loving it, keep it up
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QueenOfCakes04 Digital Artist
Oh my god, it's very good!
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alexandermonStudent Writer
Ehm... Silverlay. You know that she will eat those, right?
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FrozenaccessHobbyist Digital Artist
Sooo the Aquaman scene?
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AJ-DrawzHobbyist General Artist
XD Maybe not???
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alexandermonStudent Writer
Well... Applejack is a Practical pony. And to let some perfectly looking snacks go to waste...
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samawolfHobbyist General Artist
Silverlay packing on the flirt!
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Good to see after being hard as a rock oblivious for so long that AJ started to see the subtle effect she was having on Silverlay. And even managing to enjoy it, showing she wasn't just putting on airs. It is worrisome that she was taken aback by the less subtle romantic cues, but then, it is AJ; Rarity would be more inclined, but not her so much. 
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LizardWithHatHobbyist Digital Artist

Wonder what it will be... hope its all a missunderstanding but i could be worse. :)

Wait and see :D

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FrozenaccessHobbyist Digital Artist
Knowing Granny like I do -and I don't know too much as I've only seen a few seasons with friends and family who watch it all- I'm assuming it was something like AJ unintentionally not doing her work as well or as properly as she is supposed to, and Granny gave her a warning that she's important to the farm and that the farm work still has to be done.

More of a "you're going to need to figure out this balance of time with Silverlay and doing your duties a lot better because right now it's NOT working" but it probably came off incorrectly leading her to think that because of Silverlay she was failing the farm and thus being a bad person instead of realizing it was a "Learn to balance, you did it with having all your friends and your adventures, no reason you can't adjust it again for another new person" or something.
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