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They're trying to help you. It's underhooved the way they're trying to go behind your back, but they are trying to help and their plan can be useful to you.
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*later on*

Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon : HI SPIKE!~

MLP Spike (Sheepish Smile) Plz : h-hey Twilight...

There not so bad... - Pinkamena :you broke a pinkie promise spike guess what that means?~

Emoticon - Spike Reaction : OH SWEET CELESTIA HELP ME!!!


Emoticon - Spike Reaction : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BHB Emote Tombstone Headstone Dead RIP : Spike the Dragon... until next panel
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Ya know this just barely dawn onto me... Wouldn't that mean Twilight is also in love of Applejack?
Not necessarily, Twilight also found her attractive. But Applejack was helping Silverlay when she was in a really bad place, and she saved her life by sharing her magic. Then they spent a lot of time together after she became a real pony.
So, if the circumstances were differents, Twillight could have also fallen in love with Applejack. 
In the current situation,  for what we know, she could also be in love with Rarity, or Fluttershy, or Dash (not Pinky ! ) or Luna:P
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Huh, alright then
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maybe, but you have to take into account that Silverlay has become a real pony, and thus can have her own feelings.
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yea I forgot about that equation, just thought her and Twilight are basically the same person experiencing the same thing
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It's fine :p we all goof up
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Better do it, Spike!

Looks like she means business.

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It better involve a nice dinner and flowers
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Nice, but is Spike keeps any bit of detail from Silverlay he's going to feel something for the next few weeks... ^^;
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Attagirl come to your Senses
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I.M.H.O.; Spike only knows ≈ 25% of the 'plan'

*earlier; in the Crystal Tree Castle library - 6:35 AM*
Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Hmmm  (solo, thinking) <<This plan we're doing for AJ and Silverlay is a delicate one. It was a stroke of genius that we make some preparations while Spike has been asleep nights. >>
Twilight (Ressuring) Plz << He's a devoted assistant...Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Wat ...but if he sees anything and 'spoils'.... :icontwilightsparklenaughtyplz: .... he won't know the full nine yards! >>
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Twilight (Wink) Plz Well played Spike, well played. Somehow you fixed your stupid mistake
spike (oh my god) plz But at what cost, Twilight? AT WHAT COST?
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a light in the darkness?
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Spike: *poops* ok ill tell you everything!
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"See, Spike?  That wasn't so bad."  :icontwilightsparklecutegrinplz:   

*sees last panel*  "Okay?  It just got bad."  Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Lip Bite 
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*When will you get another chance like that?!
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