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ES: A(pple)ffection! 013

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Inspired by TriteBristle - Check him out!


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nightshadowmlpHobbyist Artist
Sarcastic Bloom
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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
She Lied! SHE LIED! Invader Zim You Lieeeee Gif Plz 
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nightshadowmlpHobbyist Artist
NO WAY! *sarcasm sarcasm* :P
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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
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nightshadowmlpHobbyist Artist
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cordelialeHobbyist Filmographer
Why would you give both Appel bloom and Appel jack exsactly the same speaking colour it makes things really confusing 
kyuubinaruto18's avatar
They look the same at first glance, but AJ's is dark red, while AB's is a light red like her mane.   I do agree that it's a little confusing. You'd think the orange pony would have orange text, or maybe yellow for her blonde mane.
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cordelialeHobbyist Filmographer
ehhh yeah the similarity is a problem
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's better, A.B. ;)
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GeneralRommel64Professional Artist
APPLE JACK KNOWS!!! SHE CAN SENSE LIES!!! AND APPLEBLOOM LIIIIIED TO HER!!!!... unless applejack just assumes other ponies are lying,

I'm pretty sure that's the case Applejack liar
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R-DollHobbyist Traditional Artist
ooo, denial and reluctance 
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KuranueHobbyist General Artist
you lie! YOU LIEEEEEE!

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ShinjitsuForeverStudent Digital Artist
At least good for Silverlay...seems like she can hold her feelings with no rush nor impatience...just...waiting for the right time...

While here I am...I told him so early...just when I noticed my feelings for him...with all rush...I told him...and now...a year later...I am partially moving on...and the other part of that...the other part of my feelings...are still don't want to give up about this feeling I got for him...the other is walking out the door, now I have a choice to make...just because of one mistake...

...and because of times...I there's no end to it...kept...crying...
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Good call Apple Bloom. For now... :XD:
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*pushes Silverlay and runs*
Hehe.... >8)
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You hate to see her walk away, but on the other hoof you love to watch her walk away.
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Well, Silverlay is safe. For now
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That's what I thought Applebloom I'm watching you… 
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Gee! I was hoping Applebloom would say:

"Ya wouldn't understand, AJ."
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JewelPawsHobbyist Digital Artist
I <3 this comic!
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nightshadowmlpHobbyist Artist
AJ, it's pretty obvious!

Why else would Applebloom be giving you sarcasm?
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Applebloom is best wingmare.
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