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Avengers Movie Wallpaper 2.0

Movie Versions of the Avengers heroes, second try
Comments welcome...
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I've seen this one a lot!
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Pretty well done. I'm loving these Avengers group shots. Great job!
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this is awsome, but im looking for a new one since this has been my wall paper for a long time. could u make a new one thats wallpaper size, with coulsons real out fit(suit) and maria hill and halkeyes recently revealed outfits, plus amanda righetti. again thanks for the awsome wall paper
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I want Spider man
CreacK's avatar
sorry, hes owned by sony
Gojira012's avatar
So I guess we'll never get a decent Spiderman movie until Marvel Studios gets the rights to IT"S OWN character
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Did you make that
my new desktop as well :)
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i'm using my gf's account to comment here, but i came on to DA to find a pic exactly like this one to use as a wallpaper and i found it! pure awesome!
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Thank you! Honored to grace your desktop ;)
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What ever you do Nick don't aim for the bushes
Gojira012's avatar
It's a reference to that movie the Other guys
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Best pic i've seen till now!! Don't you have it in higher resolution? Would love to have it as my wallpaper! x)
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Wow! thanks!! you can download this at like 1400 x something, pretty big right?

My photoshop file is bigger but doesnt have some of the details
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Nice your Hulk looks like Mark Ruffalo! I hope they use this design!
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Yeah i used his face in there.

Thats quite a compliment!
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Epic Sauce..
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