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Super Princess Peach DS


Fanart of this game that i didn’t see much people talking about.

Super Princess Peach DS. an Awesome game! play it was amazing, and i know at the same time it have a bad woman representation, and special for this reason i made Peach so Badass here =P.

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she need more game!


This game needs a sequel, but without the sexist stuff.

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Is the game good?


It's very underrated, and Princess Peach should have her own videogame franchise.

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Thank for the memories !
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that is really good!
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I just love this piece!catching love 
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She looks so cool! Nice job my man!
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Hot dang, love how she is actully frigging plowing throu all the koopa troopas! no dainty flowing throu the air with the umbrella, they are the grass and she is the lawnmover.
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Man, PP is becoming BADASS
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i thought it could have had potential
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is locgic to kidnap mario for he not be around to save the princess! on the fisrt look the plan is perfect but is not becose the princess is very mad for her love and hero be kidnap! make on her place ok? her plan perfect day her and him and this evil monster kidnap her boyfreind! i am you be mad if something like this to you! this is reason dont make her mad!
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I remember this game. I freaking loved it
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i always wanted this game
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A Game in which one plays Peach and saves the Brothers, for a change? :D
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Cool. Back in the days, my old friend used to play this game. ^^
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this is amazing
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Luigis face and wink. xD
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peach: angery edition
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YES!!! I love this game! It really needs more attention. GREAT FANART! So dramatic.
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