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Golden Dragon

Tool : photoshop 7.0 + wacom
time taken: 1 week time
refer : Original design by Estheryu.
:new:my work in progress here:…
Bakground poetry about the dragon by no name:
A scaled race;
of boundless beauty and freedom;
like treasure, behold their spleandour;
and of their wisdom;
Dragons they are called.

in a valley without bounds;
with the waterfalls;
rushing in the midst of ethereal clouds;
they wade and swim through;
rushing into the mighty currents...

:#1: The poetry Not write by me, thanks Julian-Faylona for translate it in english!!!!!!!

Golden Dragon
It is a adult golden dragon, and whole body in 999k pure Gold~XD(wahahaha) ,i very very like it, cos it's my GOD! it got 13 pcs Gold horn, Golden body in floret and vine pattern, a fire tail. i am really hope can get one in my real life, i will put all of my love on it! :heart::heart::heart::heart: (wakakakaka)

OK!This is not the 1st time i draw the dragon, but 1st cging the dragon! similar wip in pattern painting, fire(maybe, i will share the some dragon wip photo in my DA journal next time)= :…

ya, i am very very very like to draw the dragon (and any monster too).some of my related drawing:
Omega Design by Estheryuwith Demon in sketch by EstheryuFor DJS:Dragon beast guy by EstheryuFor DJS:Sovereign on sky by Estheryu
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Good work. You have a definite talent for rendering detail.
Grellbird's avatar
Absolutely awesome!!
tursiops33's avatar
It looks awesome! Love it!
TheGamer2013's avatar
I have no words to describe it! So beautifull!
RoamingDragon's avatar
Such an excellent and magestic form with your dragon! The design on it's body as well as the shimmering effect shows it off with high nobility, power, and prestige. Lovely work!
mrayne32's avatar
Interesting dragon buddy its different and very detailed.
Bo-Po-Mo-Fo's avatar
Wow, this is super nice! I love the colors you used and all of the little details. Great job!
DragonMyths's avatar
Wicked awesome dragon!!! :D
Patry11's avatar
este esta brutal¡¡ n__n
MadMother88's avatar
Wow, he's beautiful :D very interesting design you gave him!
Vitriolic-Harli's avatar
this is amazing. Very beautiful and the detail in the body is gorgeous! I'd love to ride the clouds with this thing!
Freaky-Scribbles's avatar
VERY cool. I love the segmented design, reminds me of a centipede!
ChristuusGnosis's avatar
I like the style,
its very different from other styles of dragon.
sombrefeline's avatar
Hello, you are featured in my journal [link]
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My chinese sign is DRAGON
Ravenwolfe0's avatar
SvalaW's avatar
I really love how you used the colours here! Gold is gorgeous!! :aww:
tursiops33's avatar
Great one! Love it :D
roseRine's avatar
Wow! I love the detail and mood of this piece! Definitely representative of the spirit of the Lunar New Year :nod:
kirishadowdarkness's avatar
This is awesome! Wonderful job!!! :love:
BlueRavenfire's avatar
hi, just wanted to announce this pic as been featured here. [link]
Flatline899's avatar
The contrast in this is very well done, very complimentary colours. Nicely executed :)
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