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Value Study

This is for a Schoolism course I'm taking, where the week's assignment is to create five value studies. This was Tuesday's.
Apologies if it's not your thing! I realize it's been a while since I've posted any personal/OC work, but I'm happy with this so I wanted to share. ^^

I did this on the program called Krita, the main reason being that I'm trying to stop being so reliant on PaintTool SAI. It was frustrating trying to figure out all the keyboard shortcuts at first, but now I'm starting to get the hang of it! I may even switch from SAI to Krita for good! ...Well, maybe not for-good for good... at least just when it comes to adding colors and textures. SAI still reigns supreme for line art, in my opinion. ;P

So anyway, thanks for taking a look! Critiques are welcome. :D
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That's so well done! :clap:
I use Krita too and have to agree with you on the lines feature - SAI is way better than Krita on that (or to put it in another way - Krita's Stabilizer is kinda weird)
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Thanks! :D

Yeah, it's kind of a shame that Krita's not as good for that, but oh well! We use what we can. ;)
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I really hope they will improve it :nod:
Luckily, they update it quite frequently (I was quite impressed by the new Reference tool)
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What's the reference tool? :o
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It's a new thing they implemented in 4.1, it allows you to keep reference pictures right near your canvas. It's a bit bugged but I think they'll fix it.
There was a tab for references before, but it was a bit complicated.
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Oh man, that's cool! I'll have to see if I've got that because that's so useful. Thanks for the info!
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You're welcome! :la:
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