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This is a drawing of an old character I made back in 2012 ( Think I'll name her Julie!
I want to paint more characters like this, but good ideas don't come so easily. Bear Emoji-28 (Yawn and Lazy) [V2]
Which of these outfits do you like best? I think I would totally wear the second one without the socks. ^^

Thanks for taking a look!
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They look so pretty on her. It'll be a tough choice to choose just one since they fit her character so well. 😊
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You're welcome. 😊
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Awhh your art is so nice! ^D^
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Thank you so much! Bear Emoji-20 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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Awww. This is so cute. ❤❤❤
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That's really hard to say. I like the second one's ponytail,
and she reminds me of Vanellope from Wreck-It-Ralph in that
outfit. :D

In the third one, she kinda reminds me of Lilo, probably because
Lilo's swimsuit has that same pattern. I like her dress in that one.

But, my favorite is the first, because it's really adorable. Me, being the
tacky, mismatch person that I am, though, I'd trade the high heels for the sneakers.
That's just me, though. XD
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Haha, I like that you compared her to Vanellope and Lilo because I think those two are adorable! :love:

And duuuude, sneakers are great! I'd also trade the heels for sneakers too, mostly 'cos they're comfy. xD (Or for sneaker heels!)
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Ah, yah! They are both sassy and fab! :D

I totally agree! Everywhere I go, I'm always wearing sneakers. XD
(GASP Yes! I think one of my characters has those! But sneaker heels
are cool! You can look both pretty and stay comfy)! ;)
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