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Rainbow Dots Divider, Animated…

(Inspired by both movie adaptations of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and this song!)

Soooo this should've been a simple painting. But as always, it snowballed into an elaborate illustration. xD
At first it was just going to be of the twins, Alice & Liam, in gothic lolita outfits and no background.
Then I decided to add a garden. Then I decided the garden should be strangely colored instead of realistic,
and then I decided to make it candy-filled because why not! Looks yummy, right? ^^
I had a lot of fun with it and took my time instead of rushing like usual.
(and credit to my friend Monsi for coming up with dragonfireflies! ♡)

Thanks for taking a look! I'm also open to critique, so if you've got an tips or advice on how to improve, lay it on me. ;)

artwork and characters are created and owned by Estherella 
please do not repost, trace, copy or use this work. thanks! ♡
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Quite beautiful. The lollipops made me jump with joy. The only thing that looks a little flat is her umbrella. I love umbrellas but this one I have to ignore which is easy to do with all the great stuff going on here... the colors, the look on the two characters faces, the sidewalk they're standing on. All wonderful to the eye and mind with a soft background. (Idk how I missed this piece yesterday).. and OMfrigginG! Glowing dragonflies.. last thing I noticed, but they steal the cake! ..I take that back.. the last thing I noticed was the candy in the bushes. Lol.. distracted by the other lollypops no doubt. I like how the candy isn't super shiney and in your face.. adds to the classy feel the two characters attire and expressions give. Great job! ⭐

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Haha, I may have gone overboard with all the details but I just couldn't help myself... :giggle:

I'm really, really glad you like it, and thanks for the constructive feedback! Do you mean 'flat' as in the parasol's 3D form? I have a little trouble with perspective so I can understand if that's the case. I'll just have to keep working at it!

As for the glowing dragonflies, credit to that goes to one of my friends who came up with it. He doesn't draw himself, but that doesn't stop him from having some pretty creative ideas. :D Soon as he suggested it I was like, "Man, how do you come up with this stuff!?"
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That's pretty awesome. It's great to have friends. As I shared this with a close one of mine, which I'm sure you saw. I just couldn't help it. Yes, I mean the 3D perspective the umbrella. Perhaps some Grey's in the middle.. a few highlights would do. The only other thing that was a tad displeasing on this beautiful piece of art was where the branch to the upper bush protruded out from the bottom. I think simply a couple of brush strokes of leaves, like the ones to the left of the ones underneath, would do.

Btw.. this definitely appeals to both adult as well as child.. as do the birthday scenes. 😉

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Me encanta! Que tiernos 👀💖
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You're welcome:) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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Nicely done.

I was going to ask if you had seen the 1971 adaptation of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory then I looked at your notes again.  This made me think of the scene in the first movie when all the children are arriving at the candy field.  :)
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I'm glad that's what it reminds you of because that was part of the inspiration! :D Such a wonderful scene~
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You sure have been cranking out the art lately! I love it, just don't work yourself into exhaustion! :)
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heh Yeah, it's thanks to boredom. Nothing to do but draw these days... Glad you like it! I'll try not to. x)
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