Memory Trees : RPG simulation game [BXG] [GXB]

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PC : Memory Trees by Esther-Shen

Memory Trees RPG Life+Farming Game

the game will be quite big. I plan that there would be shops to buy tools, items for harvesting, planting, fishing, etc. Then there would be mini events to score our crush. I believe that this will take a long time to finish:We want to make a game that make you happy and enjoy it

now our plan is we do the Demo for free and the Update for patreon

Help Me choose 6 by Esther-Shen

MT : Male Player by Esther-Shen

This is just a beta version Memory trees Alpha 0.3

for test map and mini game

our game make 2 version for male and female story will be Different

we know that our game still on develop still have so much thing to do

but hope you still enjoy

DLq9XIYX4AA34nO by Esther-Shen

Download Alpha 0.2 in

  Updated Earth Spell by Esther-Shen  Male Player by Esther-Shen  Update quest system by Esther-Shen

Memory Trees ( Game Story )

and Follow us => facebook twitter tumblr instagram Artwork
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Bug report :

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namjeans's avatar
I really fell in love with Harvest Moon back when I still had my DS working properly. I think it's cool you're inspired by the game since I know there aren't a lot of games like this and this seems like it has so many to offer with all the world building you've put in here! I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one : )
Esther-Shen's avatar
If you like please Share this project to  your friend that help us alot (◕‿◕✿)
kozieBubble's avatar
Awwww. This sounds so cool! I study game art in new Zealand. But sadly I only know maya and not unity (yet). After christmas we will be diving more into unity I think. I will let you know more if I can help you out :3
good luck! :3
SpectraTaika's avatar
Hey I noticed you're looking for a volunteer proofreader ... Almost a year ago. 
I like to think I'm a pretty heavy grammar nazi so if you're still looking for one, I may be able to help :D
Esther-Shen's avatar
hello are you British? Do you like fantasy fiction? we can talk more detail if you interested
PerditaXKnitt's avatar
This is so cool! But It'd be great if you'd consider removing the gender-lock on love interests. ^^
Esther-Shen's avatar
yes It'd be great if everyone help us pay

we need more money to do that :D (Big Grin) 
Code-Sonic's avatar
I'd love to assist if you need any extra help ^^
(English is my native language)
I'm not sure what you have currently or still need

Esther-Shen's avatar
happy for your help we can talk more detail if you interested
Code-Sonic's avatar
Thank you for such a fast reply, I just sent you an email :) 
Rensarou's avatar
I'm so sad I haven't come across this sooner, my goodness.

Are you still looking for proofreaders? I know you have your email up here, but I'd like to ask first since this kind of an older journal post. If you visit my page, you can see I love to write, so I'm pretty confident I could be a big help! If you're not looking for any proofreaders, that's a-okay. I'll support this either way! It looks so interesting!
Esther-Shen's avatar
thank you so much may i have your email?
Rensarou's avatar
Of course! I'll PM you it (:
natnarf's avatar
This looks really interesting...especially the art styles of the characters...

Imma try your reminds me so much of my favourite 'Rune Factory' DS series and Stardew Valley...

Wish I had money...I wanna help you in your development...we'll see though...Shall We Get This Party Floatng?-Cedric emoticon? Markiplier-Hilarity: 50-px 
Esther-Shen's avatar
your so kindness i happy that you enjoy i will post the update on here
thank you so much
CrimsonSeal's avatar
OOOOOHH :dummy: It looks stunning!! Can't wait for the finished result!! You've worked really hard on it throughout the year!
Esther-Shen's avatar
Awww thank you ur so sweet i will do my bestLove 
Samonsea's avatar
Oh I really Like the idea of this game :) I am quite fond of Harvest moon and the idea of adding in the uniqe RPGish style to it is really cool.  Once i am paid I shall become a patron of this intriging project.  I look forward to seeing the finished game!
Esther-Shen's avatar
thank you so much really happy to hear that Kirito x Asuna (The End Hug) [V1] 
Ken-Dolly's avatar
I just stumbled upon this little gem, and I'm glad I did. The art looks beautiful and I love the style of game you're going for.
I also sent you an email, btw :)
Esther-Shen's avatar
yes thank you so much for ur interest i have ur e-mail i will send to other in team

thanks again :D (Big Grin) 

Ken-Dolly's avatar
Thank you, I look forward to hearing back from you! :D
molegato's avatar
Hi! Just in case you're still looking for 3D artist. You can take a look at my gallery and tell me what you think. I'm open to discussing offers. :)
Commission RoonieJKoopa (Banshee) by molegato  Commission for Nishipu (Bancis) by molegato   Commission for ZombieLily (Same name) by molegato  Commission for Kalsagnia (Vinny/Vincent) by molegato  
Esther-Shen's avatar
thank you so much for your interest
but please send me e-mail
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