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Double Decker Dacquoise 50x50 icon open again 10th/7/2021

i'm not work for Rev-Share /Request project ...thank you for understand 

Tiny Pixel Sparkle Diamond  AND PLEASE READ ALL for your Benefit Diamond Tiny Pixel Sparkle 
Mario emote For Game Project  Sprite Poke Ball #136 Flareon 

Discount 10% Because I also work on my own Game project too
...So I want to help you guys  save your budget.

Pray for Paris by Esther-Shen
Lil' Rose Water Cake What commission Type you looking for?

1) Sketch Type A
2) Cel shade Type B
3) Smooth blending Type C
♥♧ Bust Up/Thighs Up/Fullbody ♣♤

 Lil' Strawberry Cheesecake  Example : Commission Type Lil' Dandelion Jelly Cake
Please tell me the details
and i will send my paypal e-mail

Commission info ( NEW ) by Esther-Shen

Piece Of Walnut Cake 50x50 icon ** " W + Character" = +Add Waist-up character "
**F + Character" = +Add Full-Body character **

Waffle 50x50 icon Background (I don't draw only background)


Com : The Beach by Esther-Shen  Com : Love by Esther-Shen  Com : Forced smile by Esther-Shen

+ADD - COMPLEX BACKGROUND : 80-100 USD$ (Depends on details)

Com : Echo by Esther-Shen  Com : Shadow Angel by Esther-Shen  COM : Alentura by Esther-Shen

Purple Crystal Cake?  Make layer

-Make Character layer +63$ ( Split with the background )
-Make Skin/hair/outfit +63$ for change color 
( Split the character Skin/hair/outfit with the character )
-Make outfit +80$-100$ (Depends on details)
for Character
( +add the character hair/outfit/accessories )

Piece Of Raspberry Cake 50x50 icon About Time

I will not take any responsibility if you don't READ
really up to customers
Sketch in 3 day after payment =>
*Customers Confirm the Sketch => Then start Full-line-art 3-5 days
*Customers Confirm +send base coloring 3-5 days ( With color drop)
*Customers Confirm base color =>Then start full coloring 5-7 days 

=> Finished!! Have your cake. And Eat It.

About time it's all up to customers many fix use many time
because if *Customers want to fix the art use 3-7 days to Fix
So some commission use 10 days finished and some commission use 5 months

FIX // Changed AFTER Confirm
 **50-120$** (Depends on details) if Customers want to changed AFTER Confirm 
Example Changed/Price =
+CHARACTER (+150$)/
Expression (+20-30$)
Because it will be "Fix+ change endlessly commission" if Customers don't know what they want
 NaNoEmo day 4 - Mad 
And It's waste of time not one but both us :IPunchYou: 

 Cut in line  deadline request

***if you really need deadline that mean no fix and pay +60$ for time Cos i must drawing only your work  
( i need to skip other commission +my patreon art for you  )***

Bad Piggies SC Cake with candles 50x50 icon Character reference with pic only

i hate words and description cos that commission must be fix many many many times
Because there are many times that commission need to fix again and again just because unclear detail too big/ too small )(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

Character Detail example by Esther-Shen

Lil' Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream Cake Or send me the link about your character
Face :link website   Hair : link website
Outfit: link website  Expression: link website
Posed : link website Ect : link website

Lil' Cherry Chocolate Mousse Cake  If you want me design character for you  Lil' White Chocolate Blueberry Cake 

+40$ per 1 Character ( Can fix 3 times )
( no matter full-body or waist up it same price  )
Rules Update by Esther-Shen

when you pay you can see the Paypal fee too
so you can pay The price you see,i will start work only for full payment

6 by Esther-Shen

Lil' Blue Rose Cake  visual novel Package( PNG / PDS file)

5expression : 1Neutral, 2happy, 3angry, 4surprised, 5sad.
 waist-up(visual novel Package)
lineart with 5expression  (waist up) = 50$
+10$ per additional outfit.+1 $ per add expression.
+20$+ per add posed  all of the body
Cel shade with 5expression (waist up)= 80$
+30$ per additional outfit +5 $ per add expression
+40$ posed+ per add posed  all of the body
Smooth blending with 5expression (waist up)= 130$
+60$ per additional outfit +8 $ per add expression
+80$ posed + per add posed  all of the body
Lil' Pastel Rainbow Cake Full-Body(visual novel Package)
lineart with 5expression  (full-body) = 70$
+15$ per additional outfit.+2 $ per add expression.
+25$ + per add posed  all of the body
Cel shade with 5expression (full-body)= 100$
+40$ per additional outfit +5 $ per add expression.
+50$ + per add posed  all of the body
Smooth blending with 5expression (full-body)= 150$
+80$ per additional outfit +8 $ per add expression
+100$ + per add posed  all of the body

Lil' Chocolate Butterscotch Cake  thank you so much for your interest  Piece Of Banana Chocolate Cake 50x50 icon 

© 2015 - 2021 Esther-Shen
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Hey, when you said the 20th, did you mean the 20th this month?

Esther-Shen's avatar

yes i mean that ...but i'm forget to update

thank you for remaided me :hug:

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Hi, Do you do OCs?
Esther-Shen's avatar
You mean draw your OCs rigth?
Yes i do

I've been looking over your work for quite some time. As I understand your commissions are closed until March 15? I'm really looking for an artist to draw something that I will be using for a tattoo. I have already looked at your Commission page to read on details. If you're up for it, id love to submit a request when you open back up.

Esther-Shen's avatar
As I understand your commissions are closed until March 15? 
Yes sir
i can open commission again on 15th 
March :D (Big Grin) 

I will be back with a message on that day with full details! Thank you!

Esther-Shen's avatar
with pleasure!
But to be honest ...i never draw tattoo before so Maybe you should looking for tattoo artist
like artist who really "Expert in tattoo" Sweating a little... 

I did'n't mean to refuse or anything ...just want to recommend the best option for you.:D (Big Grin) 

Oh no! I mean like, I'm commissioning this FOR a tattoo. I have an artist for that, but having something made from scratch like this from you is what I want. Your art style is what draws me in and unique to my tastes. Tattoo artists themselves can't match your lines, color, and style. The tattoo artist in question is good at his/her job. I want something from you, because you do it and do it well. We can go over details, but basically your finished product is going to be converted and end up a permanent image on my body.

Esther-Shen's avatar
oh! Now i see LOL you're very kind
Thank you so much for explaining to me. Hug 

I sent you an email!

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close open again 15th/11
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What commission Type you looking for?
if it Smooth blending Type C 
I'm afraid you will have to wait on 15th.Sweating a little... 
GeorgeFah's avatar
I’ll message you.
UncleKracker's avatar
Will you send me your Paypal email?
Esther-Shen's avatar
Yeah i already got your e-mail and i already reply it
Thank you so much for your interest  
UncleKracker's avatar
Had the last person payed you? For me it's been 24 hours. If not, do I get the last slot? Thanks.
Esther-Shen's avatar
she said she still work on it Sweating a little... 
but no worries i will definitely contact you back ( in E-mail )if she really can’t make it 
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