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Part of my Philippine based diesel punk. 
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This is terrific work! 
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I love the story this tells. The guns on the balcony, the men guarding the stairs leading up to the second floor. The men standing near the guns casually looking over their shoulder. Even at a distance you can tell who their targets are and how important they are. You know from this moment alone, there is going to be an absolute slaughter.
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If you ask me, Diesel Punk is a very underrated punk
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Amazing work!  Looks like a city I'd want to visit -- assuming I had no chance of being shot by those nasty guns up there.  

Eh.  It's worth the risk.
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Until i saw this I never knew that there was a Filipino Dieselpunk-shaped hole in my heart just waiting to be filled . . .
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aww thanks man. Im planning to do more of this in the future.
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Thats incredible, very well done.
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wow ! awesome work
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Awesome stuff. The Philippines rules, so it's really cool seeing a version like this.
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This is absolutely amazing. I love the atmosphere you've created. Well done!
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Very cool scene, I like it a lot! You made a very interesting city and atmosphere. My only critique is that it seems strange to me that the elevated walkway in the midground is being seen as perfectly horizontal. This seems really odd since the walls that it is connecting to are angled differently from what it is. It seems like the rights side of the walkway should be falling back in space a bit.
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Thanks for the critique. The building on the right is slanted, I guess I followed the 3d to much. And noticing those minor issues means that the design/scene isn't as impactful. My goal is to paint a scene with a set of art direction and story. Like my art director taught me before, "once your client start critiquing on small issues, means that you didn't communicate well enough or the design isn't as entertaining for them to let those small issues pass." I'll work harder.
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Yep I must say bro, despite the beautiful rendering there are some pretty fundamental flaws in the perspective and it really sets the scene off at a weird slant, especially on the lower ground. I think it's a bit too much to overlook - even for the casual viewer I imagine they might notice something is amiss there.
I really like how you treated the left half of the scene with some subtle lighting and losing edges in unimportant places. I think the main car on the lowground could definitely benefit from the same treatment; some simplification of planes and a bit more attention to the values of each plane with respect to the lighting, because you've done that so well nearly everywhere in the painting but the main float/car almost looks drawn rather than painted (some of the architecture against the right hand border too) with the form mostly dictated by lines and separation of natural values, rather than by descriptive values. For example a small change in value on the shoulders of the men in the car could go really far to describe the form as it's a full 90 degree turn in normals there.
In terms of composition maybe you could extend the canvas and bring it closer to a 2:1 ratio? I've found from experience that A3ish sorts of ratios are rarely optimal.
There are also 2 focal points at the moment (the guys on the left and the float on the right) that seem pretty much equal in importance. Perhaps you could do something to offset it so it's more of a 2-1 or 1-2 instead.

Hope that gives you some areas to improve on (and now if only I could take my own advice..) and I still love the work. Would love to do a paintover for you over Skype some time if you wanted.
Hopefully we can catch up next time i'm in SG too :) Are you still in our old apartment or have you got your own place now?
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Still in the old apartment. But I'm getting a new place by June though. :D
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This is pretty much the same issues we discussed withe lucas people in the office. Haha thanks again. Noted this a couple of times.
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haha no worries man :)
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But if it's supposed to be an assassination, shouldn't they be more prepared now that the target is in sight?
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mm, love it, just amazing!
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So many details in just one picture. I could spend hours to discover every little scene that is happening here.
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wonderfull, i love it
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As I told you bro, mahal ang patatas dito.
Nice work man.
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haha thanks man!
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