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Over the mountains and down through the trees,
Sweeping the valleys and lightening the leas,
Beauty and magic and terror are these,
Born of an autumn sky.
Out through the country to soften the roads,
To bend hedges and branches and beams with their loads,
The kiss of their silence on cities bestowed,
Born of a winter sky.
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The Morning
Sunrise on heather
Dawn through the arches
A cry in the midlight
A voice on the plain.
Ripened fruit trodden
Soil for the raping
Water for water
A voice on the plain.
Wind through the corn sheaves
Steel through the clay
Skin like the blossom
Silent, the plain.
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Sometimes I feel like my heart is breaking. A certain smell, a certain laugh. It all takes me back. But more than anything, it is music that reminds me of Oxford. The aching, plaintive strings of Vaughan-Williams, the pure harmonies of Tallis, the unbroken melody of plainsong. I hear them, and suddenly I am back again, standing in Durham Quad, between the chapel and the hall. I have a notebook in my hands, and a couple of books from the library. I am wearing a coat and my college scarf and woolly gloves with holes in them. Evening is falling and the light is pouring through the stained glass like honey on the coolly golden stones. Somewhere people are laughing as they clink their glasses of wine and sit down to dinner. It is winter.
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Drowning in amnion,
These young boys of Albion,
Born for the borrowing,
Killed by the blade.
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Sing me to sleep.
Sing me to silence
Sing me to sorrow,
To war
And to violence.
Sing me to safety
Sing me back home
Sing you my darling
While I'm out here alone.
Sing through the night-time
Sing through the pain
Sing until my heart
Is broken
Sing you to spite me,
Sing you to care,
Sing you to anguish,
Sing yourself bare.
And while I follow my longing so deep
Sing me to silence
Sing me to sleep.
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Once, when I was younger, I dreamt I was a bird. I saw all the world laid out beneath me like a patchwork of silk, shining in the light of a new day. From the mountains to the sea, everything stretched to a green horizon and was no sound but the rushing of the wind and the blood in my ears. Then I began to fall. I fell and fell, tumbling through the sky. I thought my heart would explode. Then everything went black, and I woke up. I am falling now, but this is not a dream, and I will not wake up.
I grew up in the red dust of Marrakech. The seasons change slowly there, but children grow up fast. By the time of I was six years old I was working on my brother's fruit stall, pestering tourists to buy the freshest oranges in the city. Every morning before dawn Hassan would go out to the market beyond the city walls and buy two hundred new oranges, ripe and juicy and perfect to eat. Sometimes, before school, I would go with him, and he would buy me some strawberries to eat on the way home. I'
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James was shaking. He was worn out, completely exhausted, and his body was beginning, for the first time, to give up on him. She reached out her arms and wrapped them round him, hooking one hand round the back of his head and holding him to her. She noticed that he’d started going grey around the temples. Grey at twenty-one. When did that happen? All these weeks had gone past, but not until that moment did Grace realise that not once had she actually properly looked at James. She knew what he looked like, of course; she thought she knew him better than the back of her own hand, but she realised she’d never properly looked at him before. She’d never seen the translucency of the skin on his eyelids, or the depth of the shadows under his eyes, or that cut on his top lip that just wasn’t healing. She hadn’t seen the tension in his shoulders, or the way that he kept balling his hands up into fists. And she hadn’t noticed that his beautiful black hair, which fol
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Drabble drabble
It was then she realised what he was to him. He wasn't just a brother or a friend; he was everything that made him him. He was that clear light behind his eyes and the softness in his voice. He was the curl of his lips when he found something funny and the swift, slightly awkward movement of his limbs when he moved. He was everything; all that he was and all that he stood for and all the myriad of shadows and darkness in between. And now it was all gone. There was no light behind his eyes, no smile on his lips. His face was just a mask. Blank and heavy and white. And lost. Everything was lost.
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blue_bee by estellablack blue_bee :iconestellablack:estellablack 3 4 Edinburgh by estellablack Edinburgh :iconestellablack:estellablack 1 2 Edinburgh Series 1 by estellablack Edinburgh Series 1 :iconestellablack:estellablack 0 0 North beach by estellablack North beach :iconestellablack:estellablack 1 0 Holyrood Gardens by estellablack Holyrood Gardens :iconestellablack:estellablack 0 10 Sof by estellablack Sof :iconestellablack:estellablack 0 0
Ode to Helen
Ode to Helen
A is for arty, artistic and ace
B is for beauty – just look at her face
C is for cute, clever, cuddly and cool
D is for Depp coz he makes her drool!
E is for excellent, totally dude
F is for friendly and funky and food…
G is for gorgeous and gothic and glam
H is for Heza and Helen and ham…
I is for itching to draw Izzard’s face
J is for jumping all over the place
K is for kooky and kinky and kitsch
L is for lovely – she ain’t no bitch!
M is for Max, from the gardens of Heligan
N is for naughty but nice, like a pelican
O is for O-zone and mai ia hum
P is fir pirate, yo ho where the rum?
Q is for quirky and quick-drawing eye
R is for red and for crazy hair dye
S is superlative singer supreme
T is for talent; she draws like a dream
U is umbrellas and art uber alles
V is vivacious and not at all callous
W is writer – her stories rock
X is for treasure – it marks the spot!
Y is for youthful and very much yum
Z is for zzzzzzzz
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The Faerie Fey
The Faerie Fey.
Child, when you close your eyes at night,
To sleep, perchance to dream,
Do you wish to look on the Faerie Fey,
And to see what I have seen?
For in the hollow coppices,
Where iron barbs the trees,
There may the Faerie Fey be found,
Among the rusted leaves.
Would you wish to be a changeling child,
While lies enchant your heart,
And ribbons black entwine your soul,
Where metal leaves its mark.
For I have been with the Faerie Fey,
I have seen their love run deep,
I have seen their bitter twisted souls,
And the secrets that they keep.
On darkling nights of winter,
The Fey knight makes his stand,
And he rides for death on horses black,
And turns time in the palm of his hand.
And on bright eves of summer,
Process the Faery queens,
For with a kiss of poisoned lips,
They kill all mortal dreams.
The travellers come from distant lands,
And fly on bloodied wings,
To clothe the court in silken faire,
And masquerading things.
And in the hollow coppice fey,
They dance to Faery tunes
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girl with the broken smile
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