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Que rufem as trombetas do apocalipse:
EU TERMINEI!!!!! :w00t:

Third of three commissions to :iconshaitan01:
(Val, it's delayed, but hope you like it! :) )

Tuomas Holopainen (oh, really? :sarcasm: ) is the keyboarder, mastermind, dead boy, werewolf, spiritual leader, Jack Sparrow cover and blahblahblah of Nightwish... you've already known him. :P At least, you know the 237829478 drawings of the guy in my gallery... but this is gonna be the last one. Not because it's not fun to draw his face anymore (actually, I think I may do it even without a reference :giggle:), but everything comes to an end one day. Although, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy making this one. I liked it a lot! It's been a while since the last very detailed portrait... so it feels good but I guess I've lost my patience a bit haha. Due to my lack of practice lately, his hair was particularly difficult (ele realmente tá precisando de um tratamento anti-frizz, jesus amado...). I also had a serious problem shading his lips (?), actually, which made me to re-scan it many times before it was done. The background wasn't in my plan, but without it the hair would end up covering totally his face. I had to darken, but don't know if it turned out good.

The picture is from the video of Sleeping Sun Remake 2005…


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