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Again, I chose Christina Aguilera for a drawing. But this time, it was just because I wanted to exercise the smooth shading and blonde hair. I also wanted to do a very detailed lips and eye. That picture fitted perfectly.

I always wanted to say something...
Well, I don't care if it's just a copy or whatever you may call. I don't care if you think that a drawing should look like a drawing. Heck, it's a drawing! It made all by pencils. That's a kind of argument that doesn't make sense at all. Just say "I don't like it" or it's not your favorite pencil style. Don't say it's not creative. When I want to do something like that, I do. I really enjoy it. Depends what mood I'm in.
It seems this discussion is very sensitive for some of you, so be nice. I'm not here to prove anything (nor I'm the best nor you are an asshole). The world is big enough for all of us. ;)
Btw, the criticism is very welcome, excepting the example above.
I know it sounds rough a bit, but nah... there's something really irritating me right now, so I got angry. haha
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I am so amazed by how realistic your drawings are!  You have to share with me your techniques.  I Try at times to do something realistic ,but it just doesn't come out that way.  I am just blown away!  Your work looks photographic.  What can I do to develop more realistic drawings?
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Beautiful!!! compliments amazing portrait☺👍
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this is very good!!!!
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i'm out of words to describe how perfect it is.!!!!
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Amazing work, I just added this to my favs !!!
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Some of the most amazing "lead-work" I've ever seen! Beautiful job.
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You are so so so amazing!
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The technique you used to create the shiny effect and the shading including the hair textures are marvelous and impressive. You have the complete package as an artist!
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Not a visible pencil stroke anywhere, flawless. Incredible blending skills!
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trabalho maravilhoso!
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I don't have words! Your talent is a true gift from God! Keep always doing the great work! Wonderful!
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love this. shading is so smooth and flawless
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beautifully done!
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i think the problem some have is that you are so incredibly talented that it is almost impossible for a novice like myself to distinguish between drawing and photograph (I emphasize novice). nice job!
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OMG I did the same draw yesterday :o!! the lips and the eyes are amazing :) maybe go chek my draw I put it on my galery it would be an honor :O
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Eu particularmente não me sinto muito satisfeito quando um desenho meu se aproxima da riqueza de uma foto mas adoro ver trabalhos assim,este seu é um dos que mais gostei.Parabens!
muito bonita ......
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I feel so inadequate~ why can't I have talent toooo???? :crying:
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