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Ouch ouch ow
Imagine this: three children playing on a set of swings in front of a school. If you look closer, you will see that they aren't really children, but young teenagers, possibly freshmen in high school. They are playing that old game wherein one person sits in a swing while another spins them around, twisting up the chain, then letting go, sending the rider into a fast spin.
One of the girls (for they are all female) is spinning another, and she's going fairly quickly as well.
Suddenly the girl in the swing begins to scream.
Everything stops, centers on that one bit of time, that scream.
The girl is caught in the swing chain.
The spinner keeps going for another third of a turn.
The swinger screams, "Stop! Stop! Stop!"
The spinner freezes.
Again the scream: "Stop! Go back!" The swinger is crying now.
The spinner unwinds the swing.
Too slow! Too slow! the swinger frantically thinks.
The swinger and the other girl, who had been watching, run inside the school building. Nothing's bleeding yet
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Swords flash, fly, spark, gleaming in the light. I focus, going over the sequence as I go through it. Timing is everything: off again. Damn. I hear a conversation across the room; it sounds intriguing. We've finished this run-through; I wander off to investigate.
Wait. What's tha-
I'm okay, really I am! Oh, that's blood. Interesting. How did that get there, I wonder? Hand on my forehead? Hand on my forehead is an excellent idea. Whoa. And now we're going into the hallway - ah, they're sitting me down.
Everybody is so panicky. It's just a little blood! Oh. Right. A sword cut my head open.
Thank you for the water - why do I have to drink it slowly? Apparently cold water is bad for your system if you're in shock. Odd. But, but I'm not in shock, am I?
You're leaning over me. Why are you leaning over me? It's more than a little weird. I guess you're holding on the cold pack and gauze stuff so I don't bleed all over the place. Oh geez. I've got somebody taller than me leaning ov
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A Kitchen -working title-
This kitchen is small, and rather cramped. The furnishings are cheap, second-hand, but there is a kind of dignity there nonetheless. The walls and ceiling are painted a brilliant white; every surface is scrubbed absolutely clean. The floor tiles have a blue-white pattern. The cupboards along the wall used to be cracked; they are now duct-taped and painted. Their brass handles are polished, and gleam in the sunlight streaming through the large windows above the metal sink. The refrigerator lists to one side; its plastic door handles are chipped and scuffed. The shining metal is almost entirely obscured by magnets, notes, drawings, and photos. A Scooby-Doo magnet, the paint peeling off, holds up a crayon drawing. The drawing shows a yellow sun with crooked rays; bright green, spiky grass; a blue sky that doesn't quite come all the way down to the ground; and a black stick figure, lying in the grass, with X's for eyes, and red lines trickling away from the stick torso. The drawing is crud
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Vivian -working title-
People say - people have said for years - that deviance is something one grows out of. However, the experience of most would show this claim to be untrue. For most of human history, deviance from the norm has persisted despite persecution. To most the world is black and white: but free thought is not something one can grow out of.
That is what Vivian thought, and continued to think. In a way, her deviance - no, her homosexuality. Call it what it is - was a silent protest, a way of getting out of the slow car of expectations and walking around the traffic jam that was most of society. It enabled her to hold onto her integrity, a thought which carried her through the stormiest weather and kept her sane, sometimes even happy.
Your name is Vivian, and you live in a society that hates you. The best thing for you to do is shut up, sit down, and pray. Making friends is dangerous: if they find out your secret, they can and will turn you over to the police. There can be nothing but fair-weath
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Esty Thomas
United States
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Of the seven deadly sins, what's yours?


I'm rather fond of most of them :P, but I think my worst one is pride...


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