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Star Wars KOTOR Jedi Robes

Jedi (Navana) : Me

The base Jedi robes for a Jedi Sentinel in KOTOR I.

Photo by: Mr. Postman
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KOTOR era robes certainly look better in my opinion.

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Impressive. Most impressive.
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I like the KotOR look here
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Now that I think about I think the robes allowed simple modestly while being meant specifically for combat and flexibility.
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They feel that way, too. These ones in particular are very functional and not so elegant like other robes.
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Hi there! May I know if you made the robes or have it ordered from somewhere? How does the pleats ends? The cgi model looks.. Illogically impossible
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I made them myself. There are no pleats in this version. The whole robe is a closed wrap with an undershirt. I do agree, those models aren't the most logical.
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Used this awesome image here: Into the lair of the Sith.  Thank you for your permission.
A Star Wars fanfilm worth it weight in gold.…
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AWESOME!  Best action pose I've seen!
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Thank you!!
This is amazing work! Those robes look like their taken straight out of the game! I love the robes from KOTOR, although my personal favourite is the red ones Juhani(?) wears when she first joins you.
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Wow! Thank you! I really love the robes in those games. Juhani's are really cool. Though I find her annoying, Bastilla's are my favorite.
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Wow! Excellent work! This is a brilliant cosplay! ^_^

I love the Jedi robes from KotOR 1! It's a shame this isn't cosplayed more often!
Well done!
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Thank you! I agree, the designs from this game are GREAT. I recently met the first pair of people besides me that have done it and I may have freaked out on them a bit because I was so excited.
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Hahaha, I'd probably be the same in your shoes! :P

Once again, fantastic work! ^_^ You should be really proud of such an awesome cosplay! It truly is spot on!

I may consider doing it myself someday! :D
Estel's avatar
You should! Then you should take pictures and post a link to them! The more KotOR cosplay the better!!
EmperorMossy's avatar
:D If I do, I'll be sure to let you know! ^_^
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Dude, I want that cosplay.
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Do you make these for sale?
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Unfortunately, no. I do not really have the time to take commissions.
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