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The Pac-Man

Ooooooooo spooky :OOO    

A little bit more complex drawing this time :).......

Also this tutorial: Light tutorial by ryky helped a lot for the glowing effect!

(I'll talk about this later....)

Pac-Man @ Namco
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I'm honestly impressed with the complete redesign of Pac-Man here, especially since the drawing is based on my favorite Pac-Man game, Pac-Man World 2. I really like the effect they added to the golden fruit, and how they gave Pac-Man sharp toes and fingers (not to mention his Devilish Fangs)! I would really like to see this in a future Pac-Man game (even if it is going to be like Sonic Unleashed but 75% cooler than that). The background of the image is a little unfamiliar I guess, but very fitting for a werewolf kind of thing, and Pac-Man games have definitely had dark-ish plotlines before. So my rating: 10/10 "Perfect concept for a future game!"
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Funny considering I actually kind of liked the Warehog in Sonic Unleashed even if it was a bit repetitive, The combat reminded me of Pac-Man World 3. ;P
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Why do those look like Toriel's fangs •u•
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Dr.Pacyll and Mr.HYDE
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Darth vader peixl icon : Join to the Dark side
Pac-Man Approves : OKIE DOKIEMegaman Derp Icon 
and that's how this was created :v
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What's up? :D HAPPY FRIDAY!
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thanks XD
i'm fine, i started to play Super Smash Bros and i always loose to Mega Man XD
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Aw xD Keep trying, bud.
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The coloring and shading on this piece is really nice! I love the pose too, very nice work!
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If Pac Man Turned to the Darkside.
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He reminds me of Taz for some reason.
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Whoa..that's so cool and amazing! I never seen this side of Pac-man:D
I love the shiny fruits too!
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Pac-Man World 2 FTW
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Oh god do not want to mess with pacman now. O.O'
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