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wow! that is mad!
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wow,brilliant work.
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This is excellent! I'm currently trying to project what I've seen at very high doses of DMT, and this piece of yours is the closest I've ever seen to showing what that space is like. Thanks for some inspiration in the struggle to bring back visions from the other side!
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thanks! yw :thumbsup: :horns:

:meditation::heart: DMT :heart::meditation:
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this piece has been featured in this article :)
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ty for the feature - sry it took so long for me to thank you - its been a whole year -- THANKS ALOT THOUGH! :):thumbsup::devil::horns:
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a very complex world. I've visited similar places myself.
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Sweet , this picture is crazy!!!! a good way
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This is fantastic. It's somehow just as abstract as it is ordered. I can see so much going on in there. I'm not sure I'm ready to handle the full potential of this picture quite yet. I'll have to add it to my favorites and return to it another day when I am ready. Haha.
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This is amazing! It looks like you could almost walk into it!

Great work!
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Walk right into the mouth of an enormous demon!!!!!
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Amazing work man
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Wow, when I look at this I go crazy! The colors and the depth are awesome. When I look at it I see new things I didn't see before. That's cool, thumbs up!
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Hi! You've been featured here:[link]
Don't forget to :+fav: the article!
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<sub<Wow, this is so crazy detailed and awesome. XO
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I had to full view this one. Love this piece Estal.
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