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RWBY-Team RWBY and JNPR Wallpaper

By Essynthesis
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Finally finished this. It took longer than it should have to be honest, but I've recently got a job so that started to chew on my free time. But anyhow, here it is, Team RWBY and JNPR.
The idea actually came to me a long time ago at episode 8, Players and Pieces. I was originally going to do Team RWBY in a Kingdom Hearts 1 game cover style, but I also wanted to do JNPR and wanted more of a 3-point perspective. Learned a few things drawing this and will take note of them.

Poster Version

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Kind of reminds of the Final Fantasy Type 0 cover picture.
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Music Playing:…

legend Have told of a Great Evil will Rise from the Shadows to Destroy the Kingdoms and the People who lived there. when all Hope is lost and our Darkest Hours. Eight Brave Warriors will Stand Together as one to fight against the Great Evil. and Bring Back Freedom to the Kingdoms.

and Yes. destiny and fate. have chosen the Eight warriors Once there were eight friends who found themselves being the ones who had to protect the world from Darkness and Evil.

Eight freshmen at Beacon Academy are about to find themselves in their biggest Journey in their life. and the name of the great warriors are...

Ruby rose.
Weiss Schnee.
Blake Belladonna.
Yang Xiao Long.

Jaune Arc.
Nora Valkyrie.
Pyrrha Nikos.
Ren Lie.

Let's hope it This Young Hunters They Come Back to They Home. and Let Fate Guides Them where They Go.

and Note. don't ask why But. some people Said That. This is like something from a visual novel.
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really well done
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NICE!!! Found my new desk top!!! :)
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ARTfdgHobbyist General Artist
Hey, could i use this for a cover of fanfiction i'm working on? 
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BritterzbeeHobbyist General Artist
I had a hunch this was Kingdom Hearts inspired, nice! I love it :D
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And it will fall upon just eight children to save the world...
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SSJCyberSonicHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work on this!
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Hey, I’m a big fan of RWBY as well and I really enjoy this piece.


I’ve included it in a fan art compilation posted here:…


Keep up the awesome work!

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Hello, I have noted that I have used your wallpaper from another website to show my DVD icon. Please let me know if it is ok or should I take it down?

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EssynthesisStudent General Artist
So long as you give me credit and you're not making profit off of it, then it's A-okay!
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Thanks...great to hear that :D. I'm just a hobbyist and no way I can make a profit from it and always credit the hard working people ;).  Cheers!
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DyatchyHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Tell me about it! There's nothing that say's "I've arrived" than your work being used in the show itself!
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Cyber-Angel-RowanHobbyist Writer
Tonight's topic: Feelings of the Ascended Fan Artist - Essynthesis from the US, share with us.
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Just saw your amazing work at the end of vol 2 episode 2!!! Congratulations!!! I love this picture so much (especially the lil' hands almost touching) and was thrilled to see it!
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so, how does it fell to have your work on the actual show?
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EssynthesisStudent General Artist
Surreal to be honest. I was in between being all giddy and not believing what I was seeing.
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The awesomeness of your work has skyrocketed.
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This looks AWESOME!
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Cyber-Angel-RowanHobbyist Writer
I like that you included the weapons where possible.
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Rozene22Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really love this picture :) Very well done :)
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siran66029Student Digital Artist
how about rt gives team JNPR some own trailers hmmmm
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dinobot2000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
HI there, A group of friends and I run a RWBY-Fanart blog on tumblr. I was wondering if we could feature this awesome fanart on our page. We give full credit to the artist and if you've posted it on Tumblr we will reblog it. Thanks alot
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